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Jennifer from the Health Library was very helpful.

December 16, 2014

by: Anonymous

Jennifer from the Health Library was very helpful. She took special time to help us check out material and printed out information for our next appointment.

A big thanks to my new friends Kathy and Brenda.

December 15, 2014

by: Karen Mack

This summer and fall I participated in pulmonary rehabilitation. It started with informative classes. We then exercised on a variety of equipment to improve our breathing ability. The staff was exceptionally friendly, while still pushing you to try a little harder and do your best. I improved 18 percent. A big thanks to my new friends Kathy and Brenda.

Forever grateful

December 9, 2014

by: Kacy Sullivan

My story happened in 1998. My sweet 6 week old daughter Alyssa was brought into the ER with trouble breathing. She had been seen the night before at Pipp in Plainwell and was given a cough syrup with codeine to help her. When she didn’t improve I brought her to Bronson. Minutes after arriving she stopped breathing. Her heart stopped beating. My daughter had RSV and was also having an allergic reaction to the codeine. I remember being told to wait in the hallway. I remember a pastor coming to see me.
My daughter is about to turn 17 years old on January 13th. She is a junior in high school. She gets straight A’s. She is the kindest and sweetest girl ever.
I unfortunately don’t remember any of her doctors or nurses names. But you saved her life. And I am forever grateful to you for that. Thank you.

Bronson Battle Creek is an exceptional hospital and I was given exceptional care

December 9, 2014

by: Rod Swank

I was given great care. I started with a colonoscopy at the Bronson Center for Colon and Rectal Diseases with Dr. Karamchandani. It was by far the best colonoscopy procedure experience that I have had. (I have had many in my life.) I found out that I had a recurrence of my colon cancer and rectal cancer. Dr. Karamchandani sent me to the Bronson Battle Creek Cancer Center to set up an appointment with an oncologist. I met with the nurse navigator, Susan DeRuiter, and she directed me through what needed to happen next. Susan met with me in her office and checked with my referrels. She answered all my questions and calmed my fears. She excused herself so she could set up my appointments. She returned with my appointments and escorted me to the lab for my blood draw. She offered to meet with my wife and comfort her. I met with Dr.Smiley a couple of days later and he explained what my options were. He and his nurse Michelle were great. At my pre-admission appointment I met with Heidi, Robin and the respiratory therapist. They all explained what to expect after my surgery. This anesthesiology team was the best ever. I was so relaxed and comfortable in their care. I met with Beth Doorn in the wound center and she marked my skin and visited me in the hospital after my surgery. Right before my surgery I met with Sid Paulino and Dr. Hall. They were wonderful and they made me so comfortable and almost pain free for 3 days. Other nurses that took great care of me on the floor were Candy and Tanya. I believe that Bronson Battle Creek is an exceptional hospital and I was given exceptional care. Thank you all.

Impressed with his knowledge and willingness

December 8, 2014

by: Don Kachman

I’ve been a patient of Dr. VanHuysen for a few years now. As an active “in my 30′s” guy, I spend a lot of time running. Over the years, I’ve had several injuries and he has always helped me to resolve the issues. He is one of the first doctors that spent a good deal of time listening, discussing, and working through the best course of treatment. I was impressed with his knowledge and willingness to spend more than 5 minutes in the room!

Thank you for being so amazing

November 24, 2014

by: Chantyl Mitchell

I had physical therapy at least 2 times a week for about a month at Bronson, and all thanks goes to Karen and Justin for helping me in the months time. It was quite easy talking to either of them. If you ever have physical therapy at Battle Creek Bronson, I would highly recommend either one of them to get you through it. Thank you guys for being so amazing.

Many thanks to Karen for making my visit to Bronson an enjoyable one

November 19, 2014

by: Victoria

Last week I needed a quick X ray done. Karen at Vicksburg’s Bronson Hospital was the radiology tech who did the X rays. She was warm and friendly, yet professional. Karen made me feel comfortable and we shared easy conversation. After the X rays were taken, Karen showed them to me which I loved. Many thanks to Karen for making my visit to Bronson an enjoyable one.

Highly recommend this hospital for the very good care

November 17, 2014

by: Thomas Allen

I came into the ED this just a few days ago, with severe abdominal pain and nausea. In the Ed, i was given very good care by Gary, Jen, Dr Goldberg and Katie. I was sent to CT, and Amy quickly did my CT, and was very good to me. I was then sent to 5th floor, where I spent part of the night to early morning, and got very good care by Terry, and Olivia and a nice gentleman nurse, that took excellent care of me, but I didnt remember his name, as I was drugged pretty good at the time. I then went to Surgery taken by Rick, who did a great job, and Season checked me in, and got me prepped. Dr Lins, Dr Bartholemew and Pam got me ready to go to surgery to have my appendix removed, and they also fixed an umbilical hernia while in there. I was then taken to recovery, where Cheri did a fantastic job prior to sending me home. The whole visit went very good, and everyone did the best job they could do to make my visit, a very good one, under the circumstances. I would highly recommend this hospital for the very good care that I got. I am also a bronson employee. I was very pleased with my treatment from start to finish.

Could not be more happy with my current primary care physician

November 13, 2014

by: John Hirsch

I have been a patient of Dr. Houchin at the Groves (Bronson) location in Portage for almost 6 months. I have never had such a great experience with a doctor’s office before. First of all, Dr. Houchin is great because he listens to where you are medically, and doesn’t just throw you a script to get you at the door. He deals with the whole person and assesses very well what needs to be done. He has helped me overcome a past of addictive behavior by preventative medications, and a brief lesson every time I see him. I know I am just one of the many patients he sees, but I am always better off when I leave. This is a great family environment as well. I Could not be more happy with my current primary care physician, and will continue seeing Dr. Houchin. Also, the nursing staff is great.

Excellent care from everyone

November 7, 2014

by: Norma Hamilton

I just total knee replacement on Oct 27, 2014. I got excellent care from everyone. It was such a treat to have a private room and enjoy the quiet when I was alone. It was very restful and helped me to heal. I was very apprehensive about surgery as I have never had anything like this. Everyone explained everything to me and were very helpful .They all had their hearts in their jobs. You all get a five star rating from me and my husband. Thank you all so much,Norma Hamilton