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The power of positivity can change lives. Especially if it's a personal story that can be passed on. This Bronson Positivity site is a way to share your Bronson Positivity experience with others who can really benefit from it. Take a look at some inspiring stories from Bronson patients, families and caregivers. Then start empowering the world by spreading your positivity.

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Empathetic and considerate

September 3, 2015

by: Donna Head

I would just like to take a moment to commend Dr. Robert Prodinger ER physician for the great care,compassionate and empathy in taking care of my mother in law, June Head, after her stroke in June. He couldn’t have been more empathetic and considerate.She eventually sucummed to her condition. Also, on August 29, I was in the ER for a cat bite that was obviously infected. He took the utmost wonderful care of me. My nurse Deb was very caring and empathetic to me as well. They are both great individuals. And then again there was a matter of my daughter,Melissa Head, who came in the next day August 30 presenting with the same cat bite symptoms. I must commend everyone involved with the exception of her nurses. Not naming names but I thought they were a bit condescending. I have been a nurse for 45 years and we were trained to treat everyone with respect and dignity. I thought both these discharge nurses were somewhat more indignant and should be reminded of simple gesters and tone of their voices would go a long way to empathize with a very sore patient. I know who you are and am a very good judge of character. You should take lessons from my nurse Deb even though she had been only on the job 7 months.All in all our experiences were gracious and professional by Dr.Prodinger and Dr. Walbridge. Thank you so much for your tender care. Donna Head

Smart and professional but also kind of soft and caring

September 3, 2015

by: Mary Sowers

I got a beautiful letter from Martha Serafini in Patient Relations
It was so insightful and caring. She showed me understanding on a personal level which I especially liked
She also wrote ” Bronson’s mission is to exceed patient expectations…” That’s a tall order and why I look forward to my visits to Bronson. So many staff and employees are endowed with a special attitude that is both smart and professional but also kind of soft and caring. That’s Martha !
So thank you for the really great letter.
Mary Klos Sowers

Team of professional, highly competent and cheerful healthcare people

September 3, 2015

by: John Merrion

I had a team of professional, highly competent and cheerful healthcare people support recent outpatient surgery at Bronson. They really “live” the Positivity ethic. Kudos to everyone from the clerk who received me, staff who kept my wife well informed, volunteer, and nurse Jill. Of course, Dr. K was great, too. Thank you for a first-class encounter with Bronson’s best.

Very good translator

August 28, 2015

by: Gonzalo Villejas

Jose Alvarado was very helpful and a very good translator, for my friend Mario Morales. We appreciate all he has done for us.

Thanks for providing outstanding health care

August 25, 2015

by: Owen Tyler

I am moving to Jackson FL. Bronson, and Dr. Lucas, Dr. Highhouse, Dr. Mark Tagett, Dr. Vandenbrink have taken excellent care of me and my family. Thanks for providing outstanding health care to me and my family.
Owen F Tyler Sr

I choose Bronson.

August 24, 2015

by: Anonymous

My appointment today was great. I seen Dr. Johnson. I really like him. His time spent with me on explaining and listening to me as well. I would recommend anyone to come to this office and Bronson. I choose Bronson. Everyone was really nice to me at this visit.
Thank you

I would recommend Bronson for all of your medical needs

August 20, 2015

by: Blane Gray

I enjoyed my visit the staff was kind and the service was great. Everyone was knowledgeable that put me and my spouse at ease I would recommend Bronson for all of your medical needs

Above and beyond their daily extraordinary

August 19, 2015

by: Peggy

As a volunteer at Bronson Battle Creek, I am constantly impressed with the nurses and staff in the Cancer Care Center. Last week they went above and beyond their daily extraordinary care with a flash mob dance to “Whip/Nae Nae” which was a wonderful surprise to the treatment area patients. The nurses and staff brought smiles to everyone!

My care was exceptional

August 13, 2015

by: Cindy Jackson

I was admitted to the AMU on Thursday 8/6/15 from the Emergency Department with a reaction and subsequent bacterial infection from a wasp sting. From the beginning in the Emergency Department to the Admissions Unit to the Adult Medical Unit to discharge on Saturday, 8/8/15 my care was exceptional. I didn’t get the names of the Emergency Department staff but would like to thank each one of them for the care I received while there. They were all very professional, polite, concerned and caring. I would also like to thank the staff of the Admissions Floor, in particular,Lindsay, R.N. for her wonderful care. I would like to thank the following staff on the Adult Medical Unit, Marty, RN. (Exceptional, above and beyond care), Ashley, PCA, Dr. Hughes, Katie, RN, June, PCA, Holly, RN, Ashley, PCA and Dr. Welton. Each one of you made this experience so much better and easier to deal with. There are others who’s names I did not get from transport, food service and environmental services who were all very professional and caring. I cannot say enough and express my appreciation enough for all each of you did for me. I am proud to say I worked at Bronson for almost 10 years and the quality of care is unmatched. Bronson positivity is alive and well!

Quick, professional and kind

August 12, 2015

by: Marcia Johnson

I went to Bronson Center for Women to get a mammogram. My tech was named Kim R and her supervisor is Donna Ellis.

Kim was wonderful! She was quick, professional and kind. When I asked some questions, she answered them thouroughly and even took the time to show me some of the images from my mammogram.