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Always have great experiences at the Vicksburg location

July 20, 2015

by: Julie Morris

I recently visited Bronson Outpatient Sevices in Vicksburg for x-rays of my foot and ankle. Karen, the technician who worked with me was both friendly and knowledgeable. She went above and beyond showing me my radiographs and explaining the technology. She made me feel very comfortable and was considerate of the pain I was experiencing.I always have great experiences at the Vicksburg location!

Thanks for another positive experience

July 16, 2015

by: Joanne C

I always enjoy going to Bronson Vicksburg Hospital for labs or xrays when it is an option. Parking is no problem, the wait is short, and staff is friendly. I recently went for a back x-ray and the x-ray tech, Karen, was very nice and efficient. I was in and out in short time. Thanks for another positive experience.

Bronson will be my hospital of choice

July 15, 2015

by: Risea Nelson

I put off getting my knee replaced a long time. When I decided to go ahead I knew Bronson was the answer. I’ve spent time at Bronson before with back surgery several years ago. The staff is well trained, the hospital is clean and the food is great. My recovery is going well and when it’s time to get my other knee replaced Bronson will be my hospital of choice. Thanks for serving the people of SW Michigan.

My level of care was exceptional

July 9, 2015

by: Stanley Pag

Where to begin? I’ve lived 67 years…never been in an ambulance…never been in the ER….never hospitalized. All that changed on July 4, 2015, when I got to experience all three of these things! From the moment I arrived in the ER, until the day I was discharged four days later, my level of care was exceptional. The RN’s and PCA’s in the ER were attentive to all my needs and were outstanding at making me comfortable. The two doctors were diligent in trying to find a cause for my episode. And because I was there through two shifts, this team made sure that the team taking over were aware of all that had been done, and they never missed a beat continuing the exceptional care.

Once admitted to the AMU, the team dynamic continued to shine. It was well after midnight by the time I got a room, but this team was ready and waiting to continue the exceptional care. To Judy and Holly and Steve, Marjit and Lara….I thank you from the bottom of my heart for making me comfortable and confident that I was so well cared for. Your level of professionalism is a strong testament to your character as a human being, which is what makes you so good at what you do. You all are truly a blessing. Oh….not to forget the guys who appeared every morning at 2:00 a.m. draw blood….thank you for being so skilled at what you do….I barely knew you were there!!

Bronson Posivity is very much alive in all of the people I had contact with, and I feel blessed to have been a recipient of it!

God bless all of you for all that you do everyday!

Stan Page

Responsible, respectful, and loving

July 9, 2015

by: The Rose Family

June 17, 2015

Bronson At Home:

We are writing to commend your staff person, Tracey Faurot, on her outstanding performance, providing home care for Tina Rose – a now 100 year-old resident of Battle Creek.
Tracey was placed at Tina’s home to provide safety, personal care, and companionship, and she did it in the most responsible, respectful, and loving way a person possibly could. It was a joy for us to have her as part of our lives, taking care of someone so important to us all. She was trustworthy, and reliable.
We were delighted with her service.
She was always, and I mean always, early, not just on time, which was reassuring. Her knowledge of Bronson at Home’s procedures is extensive and she followed them to the highest degree. She shared with us, how to handle things if we knew something needed to be altered in the care plan, etc. or how to manage scheduling issues.
Tracey was proactive at recognizing ups and downs in Tina’s mental or physical health and consistently addressed them more than competently. She made sure that Tina’s home and medical equipment were always clean and ready for use. She handled deliveries for Tina, friend’s visits, made sure she could use the phone to stay connected to her family and friends, and gently but firmly encouraged Tina to eat and drink properly, get exercise, keep her mind active, and to have a sense of purpose.
Occasionally, Tina stayed at her daughter’s home. Tracey was flexible and equally skilled at caring for her regardless of the environment.
She helped out immeasurably on several occasions when an acute medical problem developed and Tina needed to go immediately to CentraCare to be seen at the clinic, or at the Emergency Room.
She even assisted us when Tina turned 100 years old and had series of parties in her honor, including a five generation one with out-of-country guests. Tracey took away any stress of ensuring that Tina was ready to enjoy her festivities.
When it became time to make the difficult decision to transition Tina to a newly opened adult foster care home, Tracey aided in getting us ready for the move.
Tracey is prepared, diligent, resourceful, an excellent problem solver, kind, generous, has good humor, and is cheerful and pleasant to be around. She is an exemplary professional. If only she could be cloned!
Thank you for placing her with us to care for Tina – it really was a perfect pairing.

In appreciation,

The Rose Family
Charles, Michelle, Xenia, Herb, Paul, Tanya, Vern, and the rest
in Battle Creek and around the world

Positive and hospitable

July 6, 2015

by: Samantha Walker

I usually hate going to the doctor for anything, but it makes it that much better when the staff is positive and hospitable! I got an X-ray done today with Karen at Bronson in Vicksburg and she was very nice and friendly :) She even showed me a little about how the X-ray machine worked, which was pretty cool.

Worked above and beyond

July 6, 2015

by: Anonymous

I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. Dr. Kalinowski and her staff were wonderful and really worked above and beyond to get me scheduled and after surgery to pass me off to the oncologist. At all times I felt important to them, not just another patient among hundreds. May God bless them all.

Thank you so much to the Bronson ER Staff

July 3, 2015

by: Angie Bentley

I just wanted to share that I had to take my husband into the ER on June 28th for a issue with his eye and we had the BEST service ever, the staff in the ER and the Doctor’s were awesome! They were right on top of the issue with his eye, got us taken care of and in and out very quick. I just wanted to give them all kudos for the great job they all did for us that day!
Thank you so much to the Bronson ER Staff!
Angie Bentley

I want to thank everyone involved including those I never met working behind the scenes

July 3, 2015

by: Randy Walker

I am writing this letter in the comfort of my home with a grateful and healing heart.

This past Sunday morning, June 28th, I was in great pain in my right shoulder blade, stomach was in a knot, my jaw became tight and sore, and soon I was accompanied by sweating. At the urging of my wife, Pam, we went to Bronson Emergency, a quick five minutes from our home.

By the time I entered the second set of sliding doors I was greeted, settled into a wheelchair, ask to just make an “X” on two forms while Pam gave more information. I could barely make a wiggly “R.” Within moments I was in an emergency room with a buzz of activity. I was asked questions, informed on what was happening and going to happen. Four baby aspirin, nitro under the tongue, EKG, blood draws. Into a room for X-rays, CT scan, and on to an operating room. At some point I was greeted by Dr. Keller letting me know “I was in the right place.”

And I was. What I am grateful for is not only did this group of caring people save my life, they did it professionally, communicating what the situation was, and what will happen, in a kind understanding way no matter what the task at hand was. This was pervasive throughout the staff and employees. There were greetings, smiles, and thank you’s everywhere I went or anyone entering my room.

I would like to name those directly involved with my care but I’m afraid I might miss someone, and that would be unfortunate. So I want to thank everyone involved including those I never met working behind the scenes.

On behalf of Pam and I, please pass this along to everyone. You are doing and have done a great thing. Please continue on this path. It matters.

Your grateful patient,
Randy Walker

Very professional and nice

June 30, 2015

by: Anonymous

We would like to hank Ms. Therese Zieleniewski for her excellent help in helping us with insurance forms. She is dealing with the processing and company stumbling block. She was very professional and nice to help us. What a nice world it would be if everywhere we went there were people like her.