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I always dreaded going to the doctor but now I enjoy every visit!

September 29, 2014

by: Pamela Chapman

Dr. Amber Thomas is a wonderful doctor. I’ve seen many providers in the fourteen years I’ve been sick and Dr. Thomas is by far the best. She has that humility, personableness, and wisdom that accompany a true healing vocation. She always makes me feel so at ease that I can tell her anything. She never judges; she sympathizes. She seems to know all the best specialists personally and has an uncanny sense when matching us up.

I always dreaded going to the doctor but now I enjoy every visit!

Appreciative and thankful for their tenderness

September 24, 2014

by: Becky Mulder

My 3 y/o daughter broke her arm falling off the monkey bars. The people at Vicksburg Bronson ER were fabulous with her. Karen the R.T.R was especially tender when getting her X-ray. I was really appreciative and thankful for their tenderness toward my daughter and myself.
Thanks for making a awful situation much more bearable.
Madi(3y/o) and. Becky(mom)

Bronson got me back on the course!

September 17, 2014

by: Roy Kidney

I’ve always loved to golf. But as my heart condition got worse, I couldn’t do much of anything anymore. Even walking across the room left me feeling tired and out of breath. Fortunately for me, the doctors at Bronson helped change all that. They told me about a new heart surgery called TAVR that could actually give me my life back. And that’s exactly what happened. Within days of my surgery at Bronson Methodist Hospital, I could walk without feeling out of breath and I wasn’t tired anymore. My nurses, they were great, too. They talked to me, listened to me, even gave me pudding and popsicles in the middle of
the night. Better yet, I’m back doing all the things I did before: mowing the lawn, going to the gym and playing golf with the guys — terrible as ever.

We were treated with compassion, professionalism, and given very helpful information by all the staff

September 17, 2014

by: Deborah Peters

Our family member was admitted for surgery for a BKA and transferred to CCU. We were treated with compassion, professionalism, and given very helpful information by all the staff. We would like to acknowledge Tim, Jon, Kelli, and Jaime, which were the nurses we were fortunate to meet during our family member’s stay, and also Peggy and Sandra from palliative care, and another Sandy from discharge planning (I think). Everyone was so friendly and caring, and my cousin ( D.T.) was treated with compassion and dignity. We can never thank you enough.
Deb and Jim Peters

Very patient and kind

September 17, 2014

by: Kelly Christiansen

My daughter had to have x-rays on her arm due to a painful bicycle fall. We went to Bronson Vicksburg Hospital and were very happy with our experience. The x-ray tech, Karen, was wonderful with my daughter, explaining everything about how to position her arm and where the machine would take the picture. Karen was very patient and kind to my daughter, knowing that some of the positions were not super comfortable. When the x-rays were complete, Karen invited all of us, including my younger son to watch her process this information. She explained everything, answered questions and was great with my kids! Thank you Karen for taking time in your day to show us the pictures and explain your processes to us! Both the kids and I found it quite fascinating. It’s always cool to be able to see your bones up close! Thanks again!

Nurses and anesthiologist in PACU were great

September 4, 2014

by: Peggy Malnight

3 months ago I had a shoulder replacement. Having had previous shoulder surgery I knew how painful this shoulder would be when I woke up from anesthesia. I knew from previous experience that a block was the answer. The anesthesiologist in pre-op explained that although there was not time to put the block in before surgery they would do it as soon as I woke up post op. As expected, I woke up in excruciating pain and just as promised they were right there to put the block in. The delay – even in this level of pain – felt like only minutes. The nurses and anesthiologist in PACU were great! I wish I could remember names but I can’t. I do know the care each and everyone gave me especially in PACU but also on the floor was extrodinary.

I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed such peace and quiet.

August 26, 2014

by: Stephanie Sampson

I was training for a half marathon with my daughter when my knee pain became unbearable. I went to see Joseph Burkhardt, DO, an orthopedic surgeon at Bronson Orthopedic Specialists. X-rays revealed my knee cartilage was completely gone. I’m young for a knee replacement, but there was no other option. I’m a mother of six. Life is hectic. I’m always looking after everyone. Now I was the one being looked after. The nurses are so dedicated. I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed such peace and quiet. Although Joint Camp was tough I had the support I needed to flourish. Dr. Burkhardt told me that when he saw the damage to my knee during surgery he couldn’t believe how long I put up with it. I just hope others experiencing this severe level of pain realize they can get help, too.

I am so grateful that when you have to go through a situation like that with your child, that the Doctors and Nurses go the extra step to make them feel as comfortable as they can.

August 24, 2014

by: Debbie Galvan

My 7 year old daughter broke her arm in July, it was a severe break and dislocation. We started our journey at Bronson Lakeview in Paw Paw, the staff were wonderful in taking care of her and our needs, from there we had to take a ambulance ride to Bronson in Kalamazoo. Once there that staff was also wonderful. She had to have surgery that night and Dr. King was called in for that. He was very caring and talked to her and us and made sure we understood everything that was taking place. My daughter has a stuffed bear that she has had since birth and takes everywhere, after surgery they had made sure the bear had a splint too match my daughters so she wouldn’t feel alone. Fast forward a month and she had to have another procedure to remove the pins in her elbow, once again the staff at Bronson Kalamazoo were wonderful from start to finish. Once again they gave the bear a gown and cap so he could go to surgery with her. Dr. King did a fantastic job. I am so grateful that when you have to go through a situation like that with your child, that the Doctors and Nurses go the extra step to make them feel as comfortable as they can. It wouldn’t let me upload the picture with the bear but I know she will never forget the experience at Bronson. Thank you!

August 23, 2014

by: Lisa Thomas

My daughter had her tonsils and adenoids removed on august 15. She is only 5yrs old and scared but the surgical nurses made her feel comfortable. They were so nice and gentle with her. She brought her bear with her and gave her bear a hat and mask and her very own blood pressure cuff. It was very cute. I wasn’t scared or nervous for my daughter just because they made her feel welcomed. Again thank you for the awsome care she got!

Dr. Burkhardt gave me back my life.

August 15, 2014

by: Nancy Merrill

I can only say good things about Bronson Battle Creek. it was just last week august 6th 2014 i had a total hip replacment. From my first visit there for Pre screening and meeting others in the same situation as me it helped to ease my mind some. i didnt even know hospitals offered a class on Hip and Knee surgery wow they go out and beyond. and then the pre screening departments were great to my xray tech was very nice to me. now i am not a hard person to get along with either. But when the final day came of surgery i walked in to surgery waiting and it was long they came and got me and my husband and from there out i was theirs no turning back now. i was more relax then i thought and didnt even ask for a I.V. cocktail so i wouldnt run….lol soon they came and wheeled me to the Big white surgery room and soon after that is was la la land for me. soon i was awake and alert pretty good. i even got to eat some toast wow that was great. the next to my room were there i got to see my husband it was nice i made it i did it. they kept me very painfree but at my choice mostly i didnt want to feel goofy even though some people would debate about that one….LOL but you know those nurses i had and the physical therapy people were awesome they would run and jump i think if you asked them to. they were never understaff so there was always 1 out of the 3 there or even if someone went by your room they would stop and see what i needed. thats awesome most places will pass the buck and let someone else get it. i was just very impressed. its been a week now and i am up pretty good still with my walker but i am moving way faster than i started. Hey guess what else ladies on the 2nd day you can have your hair done that was cool. it was a good experience for me there no regrets. and i had a awesome Dr. Joseph Burkhardt and his Assistant Lori Smith i could go on on. Dr. Burkhardt gave me back my life…Thank You