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Tina is a great nurse.

July 18, 2014

by: Robert Miller

My wife had her gall bladder out at Bronson and I came up to stay with her. Surgery went well. Dr. Norman is a great physician. We really liked him. When we got to our room my wife needed to use the bathroom but her nurse was busy. So another nurse, Tina came in and said she was glad to help. When she got back to bed, she got really sick and threw up everywhere. Tina was SO NICE about it all. She got her a washcloth to wash her face and gave her a bucket just in case. Then she disappeared for a minute and came back with a huge armful of stuff. She changed the bed and her gown and cleaned the room up. Then Dr. Norman came in and he was able to give us medicine and that helped right away. They answered our questions and made us feel comfortable. In fact, I was worried at first because we were on an Orthopedic floor and I was wondering if we were put there by mistake. But Tina said she had taken care of many, many gall bladder patients and that made me feel better. We asked if she was going to be our nurse for the rest of the night but she said she was in charge. Before she left though she put her phone number on the marker board so we could call her if we needed to. The next morning she came in again after the lab people couldn’t get her blood. Tina got it in one poke! We should have just called her after the first one missed. But anyway, all this to say she is a great nurse. Thanks!

Convenient, friendly service!

July 17, 2014

by: Olivia Warnock

Lab work at Bronson Vicksburg was convenient and painless! Receptionists and technician were all friendly! Mammogram at Bronson @ Woodbridge on the same day provided a similar experience…convenient, friendly service!

Visited Bronson Battle Creek for outpatient surgery today – and it was GREAT!

July 16, 2014

by: KC Crawford

Visited Bronson Battle Creek for outpatient surgery today – and it was GREAT! Smooth registration process. Comfortable surgery waiting room. Excellent nurses for pre-op, operating room and recovery. Strong surgeon. Even the volunteer who assisted with my departure was terrific; said she had been helping at the hospital for more than 30-years! Thank You!

I will recommend him to all my friends in the future.

July 7, 2014

by: Larissa Storoshenko

I was referred to Dr. Trillet by my primary physician for an abnormal Pap result. I saw Dr. Trillet for biopsy and he was the most kind and gentle ob/gyn I have ever worked with. I felt relaxed and cared for instead of anxious and afraid. I will recommend him to all my friends in the future.

Thank you so much for the great care I received .

June 14, 2014

by: Christi Marsh

I had my tonsils and adenoids taken out yesterday and found the nurses and staff to be amazing. My first surgery and hospital stay was 4 years ago when it was still Battle Creek Health System. The nurses were ok but I found this time around was they were very caring and gentle. My first experience (when it was BCHS) with getting a IV line was horrible. I have deep veins and I had 20 nurses and doctors trying to get it in. And then once I was in the operating room going under was scary cuz I suddenly couldn’t breathe.

This surgery (now BBC) my first nurse – nurse Brisly – listened to everything I said and heard when I wanted to IV put in on my right instead of my left since I sleep on that side. She was able to get the IV in on the first try and I have only a little bruise now. Once I was taken to the operating room, they explained everything they were going to do, they were gentle in getting me where I needed to be on the table. And they put the oxygen mask on me as I drifted off to sleep so I did not choke. The surgery probably only took 20 mins. Being in recovery was rough but this time I was being kept under the meds. The nurse in recovery was very attentive and told me things were normal. This is will be a very rough recovery for me, but the staff here made my surgery so easy and very pleasant despite my pain now. Dr. Castro was my surgeon and he was amazing. I don’t have all the names but anyone who worked in surgical ward yesterday morning should be praised. They made a very scared 28-year-old have a good memory of surgery now. Thank you so much for the great care I received yesterday-June 12th.

Wonderful, caring and competent care

June 12, 2014

by: Don Emerson II

My mother-in-law, Caroline Kemppainen, had a stroke last Sunday evening June 1st. She became aphasic, and we immediately call 911. From the neurologist Dr. Ashman to all the nurses, aides, and NP (Glenn) on NCCU and NVU, she has received remarkable care and attention to her needs. I’d like to especially recognize Michelle, one of Bronson’s newest MSNs. She educated us and was an exceptional advocate for her patient. My wife’s mother was fortunate to have such wonderful, caring, and competent care.

A place where friendly, caring people make everything better

June 12, 2014

by: Rita Cox

As a Bronson employee, I thought I understood what Positivity meant, but after having an experience this past weekend as the family member of a patient, I truly understand and appreciate the meaning. My seven year old daughter, Megan, cut her ankle and required stitches, which of course was a scary and stressful situation for the whole family. We took her immediately to the Bronson Lakeview Emergency Room. We were promptly brought back to a room for treatment and both Trish, our nurse, and Dr. Dommer, the ER Physician, were in the room almost immediately. Not only did they address Megan’s cut, but they calmed her down and took the time to listen to her concerns and fears. Dr. Dommer and Trish answered Megan’s questions (my seven year old had lots of questions!) and explained everything they were doing. Our Emergency Room visit lasted just under 1 hour, and we left very pleased with the care provided. To Megan, the Emergency Room is no longer a scary place where sick people go, but rather is a place where friendly, caring people take care of your cuts and make everything better. Thank you!

I gave up the dream of a miracle cure, and on Dec. 3, orthopedic surgeon Joseph Burkhardt performed the surgery at Bronson Battle Creek.

June 4, 2014

Justin Niemi, director of physical therapy at Bronson Battle Creek, helps me with an exercise two and a half weeks after surgery.

by: John Grap

As a kid I had dreams of playing for the Green Bay Packers. Those nice dreams never materialized.

Instead, over the years I played lots of baseball, softball, basketball, football, and in the late 1970′s I became a runner. Save for a few falls, sprains, bruises and cuts, I never had any serious injuries.

Five years ago a doctor told me, because of osteoarthritis, I would need a knee replacement in each leg. I was shocked and in denial. I started swimming at the YMCA.

Late last year, I gave up the dream of a miracle cure, and on Dec. 3, orthopedic surgeon Joseph Burkhardt performed the surgery at Bronson Battle Creek.

The first days afterward were dreadful.

Physical therapy started on the day after surgery, long before I was ready for it. Standing up, even with braces on my legs and supported by two therapists was excruciatingly painful — even dulled by morphine.

PT at home wasn’t any easier, with my mother-in-law serving as drill sergeant. A physical therapist showed me how to walk again and how to climb stairs — very carefully.

Back at Bronson Battle Creek I began therapy three times a week and found that I could not escape their bending and stretching my legs. I learned to embrace it. With the help and prayers of family and friends, I’ve made slow, painful progress. Now, I’m back working.

While I’m not 100 percent, I can say it’s been worth it.

I want to thank my loving family; Dr. Burkhardt and his staff; Bronson Battle Creek’s doctors, nurses, and aids; LifeSpan’s visiting miracle workers; BBC’s Justin Niemi and his band of prankster therapists; the YMCA and Troy Huggett for getting me in shape before surgery; and United HealthCare for sparing us the adventure’s full costs.

The entire experience…was seamless.

June 3, 2014

by: Tina

I used the Bronson FastCare for the first time on a holiday weekend when our pediatrician’s office was closed. My 3 year old was seen by Ashley PA-C and she was wonderful. We had no wait and Ashley took additional time to explain my son’s condition and referred pain to me. She made suggestions and listened carefully to what I had already tried. The medical assistant was very sweet and helpful as well. The entire experience, from the clerk at the front desk to our walk out the door was seamless. The staff worked very well together and were very friendly. I had in my mind that we were looking at a visit that may last a couple of hours, and when it only lasted 20 minutes I was SO HAPPY! (Then Meijer filled our antibiotic prescription for free!) Thanks for an unexpectedly enjoyable experience.

The procedure was done at Bronson Battle Creek and we can’t say enough good things about the entire experience.

June 3, 2014

by: Jerry Stonebraker

We have had poor experiences at Oaklawn Hospital so when my wife needed a surgical procedure we asked her surgeon if he had privileges at Bronson Battle Creek, which he does.

The procedure was done at Bronson Battle Creek and we can’t say enough good things about the entire experience. The receptionist was wonderful and the outpatient surgical unit were top notch- caring, friendly and professional.

We will be utilizing the battle creek facility if needed in the future.
Kudos to Bronson- POSITIVITY!