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Thank you so much for the great care I received .

Saturday, June 14th, 2014

by: Christi Marsh

I had my tonsils and adenoids taken out yesterday and found the nurses and staff to be amazing. My first surgery and hospital stay was 4 years ago when it was still Battle Creek Health System. The nurses were ok but I found this time around was they were very caring and gentle. My first experience (when it was BCHS) with getting a IV line was horrible. I have deep veins and I had 20 nurses and doctors trying to get it in. And then once I was in the operating room going under was scary cuz I suddenly couldn’t breathe.

This surgery (now BBC) my first nurse – nurse Brisly – listened to everything I said and heard when I wanted to IV put in on my right instead of my left since I sleep on that side. She was able to get the IV in on the first try and I have only a little bruise now. Once I was taken to the operating room, they explained everything they were going to do, they were gentle in getting me where I needed to be on the table. And they put the oxygen mask on me as I drifted off to sleep so I did not choke. The surgery probably only took 20 mins. Being in recovery was rough but this time I was being kept under the meds. The nurse in recovery was very attentive and told me things were normal. This is will be a very rough recovery for me, but the staff here made my surgery so easy and very pleasant despite my pain now. Dr. Castro was my surgeon and he was amazing. I don’t have all the names but anyone who worked in surgical ward yesterday morning should be praised. They made a very scared 28-year-old have a good memory of surgery now. Thank you so much for the great care I received yesterday-June 12th.

He treated us just like we were family

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

by: Janice Guinyard

I am Janice Guinyard and I had surgery September 28,2011, and I had a hysterectomy. My doctor was Mr. Dr. Rodriguez and he had a very very very difficult time delivering my uterous. My uterous was removed with a robot. That robot went dull becasue the uterous contained large amounts of calcium. We would like to recognize Mr. Dr. Rodriguez for his excellent work with removing the uterous that weighted 500.40 grams, which is the largest Uterous removed at Bronson so far. Dr. Rodriguez did a great job he did not cut me up hardly at all and the recovery time was very quick and I did not have very much pain. This is amazing for a uterous being this large to have this less amount of pain. There were very few insisions and stiches which also elimated the pain. He was excellent in every way and he treatd us just like we were family. Dr. Rodriguez really shows Bronson posivity and great paitent cented care! We can not thank him enough for his outstanding job that he did! Thanks again Janice

If I have to be sick, I will always choose to be sick at Bronson

Thursday, September 15th, 2011

by: Dianna Fase

I had surgery last fall at Bronson. First, because I was at Bronson I was able to use the latest techniques and used the robotics surgery which minimized my pain and need for a long recovery. Second,I was very impressed with the care I received while at Bronson. I was treated with respect and excellent care beginning with the pre-surgical preparation of the nursing team with patience for my fears; to the humorous and friendly comments of the team in the operating room (I did not take any pre-surgical meds so I remember quite well); to the firm but kind treatment in the recovery room when I was behaving so badly as I woke up from the anesthesia; to the gentle touch and knowledge of the nurses and aides on the floor; and even to the housekeeping staff, who always knocked before they entered my room and always asked permission before performing any tasks. Finally, the note from the Bronson staff which I received at home after my procedure was a very nice thought. I appreciated all the efforts which were made expressly for my benefit. If I have to be sick, I will always choose to be sick at Bronson.

Bariatric Surgery

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

by: Susan Imanse

lady under palm001I underwent life changing gastric sleeve bariatric surgery in April of 2010 and it was the best decision I have ever made for my health and self-esteem. At 10 and a half months out I have lost 114 lbs and have about 6 lbs to make my personal goal weight. My lifestyle is more active, food does not rule my life and I have come to enjoy regular exercise! My husband and I just went on a resort vacation to Jamaica and I was comfortable in a swimsuit for the first time in my adult life. When I began to seek out information about bariatric surgery at Bronson I was guided to the pre-bariatric surgery program. I found out that it was a series of classes that that dealt with psychological issues involved with eating, dietary recommendations for pre and post surgery and helpful information regarding the surgical process before, during and after surgery. Though the process was detailed and long I felt nurtured through it and came to recognize that if I hadn’t have undertook the program I would have been ill-prepared for the lifestyle changes that accompany bariatric surgery. Also having fellow Bronson employees that were going through the process with me gave me a support group that was invaluable! Both Krista Hampton (Program director) and Darci Schimp (bariatric dietician) were continuously available to me for advice, encouragement, assitance and friendship throughout my surgical process and I am so thankful to them both. Both of these wonderful ladies modeled Bronson Positivity to me in the most tangible ways.