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Bronson Positivity is not just a business byline, but a reality.

Thursday, October 11th, 2012

by: Crista Simmons

Dear Bronson,
I wanted to write a letter, but then read about your website in Encore magazine.

My overall message is that Bronson Positivity is not just a business byline, but a reality. I came to Bronson for a total hip replacement on Aug. 14th and went home two days later.

All the staff were just great; from the time entered the hospital to when I went home. They made me feel comfortable with their ready smiles by using my name and theirs also. This made me feel like a person and not just a “total hip”. And I mean ALL the staff, from pre-op all the way through to my discharge; including the OR transports, to post-op to the ortho unit.

My greatest concern was pain control, because with my first hip replacement, I was in so much pain, I thought I’d been in a car accident. But this time it was so much different!!! The doctors and the staff listened. I woke up in much more comfort than the last, and everyone was quick to make sure my pain level didn’t rise above a 5! This was huge!! And it made all the difference in the world. I was able to walk the first night and recovered much more quickly!

I don’t remember staff names, but one. Her name is Barb and she got pulled from ICU to the Ortho Unit my first night. I remember her sweetness, soothing voice and expertise in my pain control.

But really, all you staff were wonderful! Your dietary staff are so professional to make me feel “served”.

Sometimes people think that what they do doesn’t make a difference or isn’t noticed. And I just wanted them to know that I not only took note, but took the time to write. If you would please pass along my letter to all the departments involved, I would appreciate it even to the person who greeted us initially at the desk.

Now, seven weeks later, I’m happy to report that I have my life back; now pain free and off of all narcotics!!! What a new place in which to find myself!

Thank you Bronson staff, for graciously and sincerely making Bronson Positivity a genuine quality of your exemplary care.

The extraordinary exception

Friday, August 12th, 2011

by: Teri Appel

My mother, Natalie Stafinski, was recently a patient on the orthopedic service.  It was the common story — a fall and broken hip in an elderly patient, ensuing surgery, and then failure to thrive.  I wanted you to know, as Director of Medical Services, about a doctor who made a powerful difference for not only Mom but for the entire family during those days.

We keep hearing that the world of healthcare is becoming less human — and perhaps that’s true.  Certainly, policies and protocols have made it more difficult for doctors to connect with patients in ways that were once common.  Often, it’s the “parts” which get treated — not the whole person.  All medical personnel would like it to be otherwise, I’m sure — but rules and regs certainly create that climate.

Dr. Manish Sharma was the extraordinary exception.

From the time Dr. Sharma entered the scene as a Hospitalist, he was candid, kind, and patient.  His compassion for Mom was clear — and it extended to the family as we navigated the difficult decision to place Mom in hospice.  One moment will forever be with me.  My father is also in failing health, and Dr. Sharma had actually been involved at the time Dad underwent surgery for a brain tumor almost a year ago.  Dr. Sharma was able to comfort Dad following the hospice decision in a way we couldn’t.

His hand on Dad’s arm, he spoke solely to Dad, telling him that Mom would be able to rest, and that Dad had made the loving choice.  It was a very human and precious moment, once from which we drew comfort in a painful time.

I know that Dr. Sharma isn’t alone in that kind of humanity — it’s just that we so seldom get to experience it so closely, and when it’s needed so badly.  His patients and their families are fortunate to be in his care.