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Things at Bronson are better than ever, with no end in sight.

Friday, October 31st, 2014

by: Bruce Mills

After just receiving a thank you card from the Adult Medical Unit, I just can’t hesitate any longer to express my gratitude for the tremendous professionalism displayed by the staff there during my hospital stay between October 16 and October 24, 2014.

From the physicians to the RNs to the patient care assistants to the phlebotomists to the food service crew to even the environmental services staff, I was treated with respect, kindness and good humor at all times without exception. This made my stay at Bronson a positive experience in spite of the seriousness of the event that caused me to be hospitalized.

As a former Bronson employee (Security, 1974-1978), it would be easy for me to say that things aren’t like they used to be. Speaking as a patient, I have to say that things at Bronson are better than ever, with no end in sight.

Tina is a great nurse.

Friday, July 18th, 2014

by: Robert Miller

My wife had her gall bladder out at Bronson and I came up to stay with her. Surgery went well. Dr. Norman is a great physician. We really liked him. When we got to our room my wife needed to use the bathroom but her nurse was busy. So another nurse, Tina came in and said she was glad to help. When she got back to bed, she got really sick and threw up everywhere. Tina was SO NICE about it all. She got her a washcloth to wash her face and gave her a bucket just in case. Then she disappeared for a minute and came back with a huge armful of stuff. She changed the bed and her gown and cleaned the room up. Then Dr. Norman came in and he was able to give us medicine and that helped right away. They answered our questions and made us feel comfortable. In fact, I was worried at first because we were on an Orthopedic floor and I was wondering if we were put there by mistake. But Tina said she had taken care of many, many gall bladder patients and that made me feel better. We asked if she was going to be our nurse for the rest of the night but she said she was in charge. Before she left though she put her phone number on the marker board so we could call her if we needed to. The next morning she came in again after the lab people couldn’t get her blood. Tina got it in one poke! We should have just called her after the first one missed. But anyway, all this to say she is a great nurse. Thanks!

The nurse that she had was very nice.

Thursday, May 8th, 2014

by: Kelly Ballinger

My mother was dying from drinking too much. And the nurse that she had was very nice, she called me giving me the chance to watch her activity die I am so glad of that. So nice and kind.

Your nurses did a wonderful job.

Saturday, May 11th, 2013

by: Ashley McKenzie

I just wanted to share a story to thank two of your nurses that work in the labor and delivery department. I would like to thank Carmen and Jennifer for doing such a great job helping me during my miscarriage on December 7th 2012. They did a wonderful job. Thank you so much for having really great nurses on the labor and delivery floor!

After seeing over a dozen doctors across the country, I can safely say that Bronson’s quality of care is world-class.

Tuesday, May 7th, 2013

by: Kinn

My Bronson midwife supported the slow progression of my natural, completely drug-free labor and delivery. My baby was born with an ultra-rare genetic disease (less than 20 documented cases in English-language medical literature) affecting his intestines. At the time, there was no pediatric gastroenterologist on staff. But the neonatologists, nurses and support staff in the NICU did everything they could to keep him as stable as they could, until it was determined that they did not possess the specialty knowledge required to diagnose his condition. Those first few weeks of life are so critical; he was so fragile. His smallness was a real threat to his own life, not that he was tiny, as he was nearly full-term and born over 7 pounds, but if he was losing half a liter of fluid in a 24 hour period, the careful fluid replacement with the precise electrolyte balance was critical to his well-being. A diagnosis would have been moot if his dehydration had spiraled out of control.

They watched. They did lots of really complicated math. They used their keen powers of observation informed by decades of watching tiny babies. And when it was time to transfer us to Mott’s for a team to diagnose him, it was a NICU nurse who encouraged me to protect my ability to nurse with the statement that I was “comfort nursing.”

Bronson saved my son’s life. And they protected my ability to mother. And after seeing over a dozen doctors across the country, I can safely say that Bronson’s quality of care is world-class.

I appreciate everything she has done, and just wanted to show it. Happy Nurses Week.

Thursday, May 2nd, 2013

by: Mary Gillespie

I have to say that one of the most dedicated Nurses I have ever had the privilage to meet is Melissa Robbins, of the Adult Medical Unit. I just wanted to say that hard work and care of patients is outstanding and she is remarkable in every way. I appreciate everything she has done, and just wanted to show it. Happy Nurses Week.