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Grateful for the outstanding level of care we received

Sunday, June 28th, 2015

by: Genanne Zeller

We came to Bronson by choice and under immediate care for my husband who had a totally out of the blue heart attack at age 39. My husband was transported via ambulance, and I followed in my car. I was met with a case worker and clergy person (Mike D) who took me directly to where my husband was being cared for. Mike sat by my side, offering support until I could talk with the main surgeon (Dr. Keller) in charge. Mike was quietly supportive and met all of my anxious needs in a loving, accepting way. Dr. Keller made a point to connect with me to tell me what had happened and was kind enough to not only explain what had happened and how what measures he took to fix the problem, but then showed me where to meet my husband out of surgery. Once we got settled we were lucky to get Kris and Ashley as our nurses (and then later Kate, and so many other helpers who I feel bad I can’t remember the names – it was a bit of a whirlwind). Kris was so re-assuring and loving and kind, and we saw her facilitate Ashley’s learning. We felt so cared for. We were struck by the team work between all of the nurses and how the more experienced nurses mentored the new nurses and honestly felt honored to be a part of that process. I am so grateful for the outstanding level of care we received, but even more grateful for the spirit of giving true care from nurses to patients and from nurses helping to train their own. Thank you so much for making a very traumatic experience one that could be educational and also so much full of heart and caring. I hope Bronson can do do something to recognize Kris, in particular, for her amazing care, especially since it is reflected in the awesome care that Ashley was able to provide to us under her watch. Thank you so much, care team. You saved my husband’s life, and made my experience as easy as it could be.

I have never been more impressed

Wednesday, June 24th, 2015

by: Kimberly Kamrow

On Thursday June 18th, I was in Culver Indiana dropping my children off at camp. Earlier that day I spoke with my mom and she sounded short of breath and confused. I called a friend of mine that lives in Battle Creek and asked her to stop by my mom’s house to check on her. When Gina got there, the house was locked and no one was responding to the doorbell or phone calls. Instructed Gina to get into the house one way or another. When she finally gained entry, she found my mom in bed. She was grey in color, short of breath, clammy, and sweating. 911 was called and mom was spirited away to the hospital.

When she got the ER, the initial diagnosis was dehydration due to flu. Her potassium, sodium, and electrolytes were dangerously low. She was admitted overnight to regulate her fluids and monitor her vitals. It was at this time that we first met Dr. Marcos Madeiro. I have never been more impressed with a hospital doctor. He was thoughtful, thorough, and concerned. He was honest, level-headed, and compassionate. I believe that Dr. Madeiro’s tenacity is the sole reason that my mom is still alive. He took the time to explain to me what he was doing, what results he was finding, and what the course of treatment would be to get her back on track. He never rushed me or made me feel like I was a waste of his time or energies.

He ran a battery of tests including x-rays, CT scans, blood cultures, and others. He found that she had double pneumonia, and sepsis. He continued to dig deeper to find to root cause of her illness, and finally uncovered the true culprit. My mother some how managed to contract Legionnaires disease. She is still in the hospital, day six now… and has several days left to go. Even when she gets home, she will have a long and challenging recovery process.

Words cannot express my gratitude to Dr. Marcos Madeiro, and his care of my mother. He is an angel in a white coat and scrubs. Thank you for saving her life, you took the time to truly understand, and I will forever be grateful to you.
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Caring and professional

Wednesday, June 24th, 2015

by: Christine Wine

I have been recently hospitalized in 5/12/15 Kalamazoo for back surgery. Dr. Eliwitz is my surgeon. My care was the at most caring and professional time. I was released with your home care facilities which have been of great benefit in helping to return to my full health. I was than readmitted in Battle Creek thru ER 6/12/15. ER definitely needs assistance in the time you are retained prior to diagnosis. However, my doctor & nursing staff were extremely caring.

Very happy with the service I received

Monday, June 15th, 2015

by: Karen Heasley

On Thursday, June 4, 2015 I was leaving the Adult Care area in the old hospital returning to my car parked in the ramp. I tripped on a couple of bricks that were raided above the rest of the brick patio area. I fell flat on my face. Two employees, Josh Haughn and Ashley Sipe, from Respiratory were walking into the hospital and came right over to help me. They were very concerned and helped me to get up and stayed with me until my son arrived. He was visiting someone in the hospital. Security was called and they took my information about the fall and asked me to go to ER to be checked out. While waiting for Security Chris Tiller, a nurse anesthetist came upon me. She insisted that I go to the ER. I was transported to ER by security and checked out by Dr. Zeller. He was very caring, checked me out thoroughly and told me what to expect with a face fall like I had.

My ER visit took less than 40 minutes and I have followed Dr. Zeller’s directions and am healing well.

Everyone at Bronson was very concerned and caring. i am very happy with the service I received. Kudos to Josh, Ashley, Chris and Dr Zeller.

So good at her job

Monday, June 1st, 2015

by: Amy Jensen

I would like to thank a social worker from the Trauma unit. I am so sorry but I can’t remember her name. She called me at work on Monday May 18th and told me that my 91 year old father had been in a severe car accident and had been airlifted from the scene to the hospital. Probably something she does every day in the normal course of her job, but what made this instance so amazing is that my dad did not have any emergency contact information with him. She was very resourceful and thought that a 91 year old had probably been to the local hospital so she contacted the hospital in our town and asked about his next of kin – it just so happens that I work at the hospital and the person taking her call knew that it was my father. They put her in contact with me. Needless to say it was a scary phone call but she was very patient with me and kind. I have thought about this so much over the past week and I don’t know how long it would have been before we knew about my dad if she had not been so good at her job. I wish I could remember her name and if you have some sort of employee recognition she should be high on that list.

Thank you for saving my life

Thursday, May 21st, 2015

by: Robert Kames

I called 911 on Monday, May 4, 2015 requesting an ambulance take me to Bronson Hospital. I was having a severe GI Bleed. I had lost so much blood, that I couldn’t even stand up anymore, let alone try to walk. LIFE ems paramedics came right away and took me to Bronson. It’s a good thing I didn’t wait any longer. If I hadn’t called when I did, I would have bled to death that day. I owe my life to the entire staff at Bronson. Thank you for saving my life.

Thank you Bronson team as a whole

Friday, April 10th, 2015

by: Lois Lewis

On April fools day 2015, we sat in our livingroom watching a movie trying to get our two year old to fall asleep…

My husband started having a seizure… two bad seizures back to back…. last about 2 minutes apiece.

The first to arrive was the firemen, I have three young children.. one fireman took my children and played with them as i answered questions and they tried to get my husband to come around. The EMT team promptly got him moved over to bronson battle creek.

Our doctor, Nurse, tech and everyone inbetween was kind and very prompt on my husbands needs. they promoted safety and asked us questions without making any of us.. myself and my inlaws.. feel like we were a burden.

I am very pleased with the positivity We reeceived that day and Im greatful that to say my husband is here with us.. safe and healthy.

Thank you Bronson team as a whole

Big thank you to my favorite ER Doctor who also happens to be my Dad

Tuesday, March 31st, 2015

by: Bryan Stewart

Just wanted say a big thank you to my favorite ER Doctor who also happens to be my Dad, Doctor Daniel Patrick Stewart.
#BBC #BPositive #BronsonPositivity

Thank [you] Bronson for helping us care for our dad as best we can

Tuesday, March 31st, 2015

by: Anonymous

On behalf on my dad, thank you to all the Bronson staff who helped us this year! From the first doctor’s visit to ER to hospitalization to scope to biopsy to bone scan to Bronson HealthCare Midwest Urology. Special thank you to Jill for assisting us gather all the paper work and help our dad through this journey. My sister and I thank Bronson staff for patiently guiding us with our dad especially all these new experiences we are involved in due to the recent loss of our mom, who quietly did so much for our dad and now we, as daughters, want to thank Bronson for helping us care for our dad as best we can during his time with us as he prepares/awaits his time to join our mom once again. God Bless to All!

Kudos to them for staying friendly in such a stressful situation.

Tuesday, January 27th, 2015

by: Ryan

I was recently in the ER and Valerie French, Sharon Rigby, and Ryan Seim were outstanding very caring and made me feel comfortable kudos to them for staying friendly in such a stressful situation.