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It’s the little things that continue to set Bronson above the rest

Thursday, July 21st, 2011

by: Patti Burchett

My sister-in-law could be a poster child for heart disease, the silent killer of women. Cheryl is 53, with no family history or previous cardiac issues. In April 2011 she was admitted to the ED with chest pain, having normal EKGs en route and upon arrival, so her condition was unclear. Technology and protocols indicated probably no issues. However, while in the ED she coded and due to the quick response and exceptional care given by Tonya King-Stratton and Victoria Kosowicz, she was revived and found herself on the way to the cath lab. Cheryl’s memories of this experience are few; however, she does remember one significant event. She remembers hearing the nurses telling her that she needed to wake up and come back to her family. She also remembers feeling that it would have been really easy not to do that. But upon hearing those words, she fought to wake up. This little gesture made a profound impact in her care. Likewise she received exceptional care in the cath lab when significant blockages were found and successfully removed. Again Cheryl remembers the little things like the care given by Heather Briggs, Stacey Nickrent and Stephanie Robinson. They provided extra attention and comfort to her incision site and then came to visit during her recovery. Again, it’s the little things that Cheryl remembers and meant so much. So thank you Bronson staff from the entire Burchett family. You are responsible for saving the life of our wife, mother, daughter, sister and beloved Aunt to my son. Thank you for the little things that you do which make a profound difference in the lives of our patients. As a Bronson employee of 20 years, I have seen the expectation of clinical excellence and customer service evolve and become part of our culture. But again, it’s the little things that continue to set Bronson above the rest. I have always been proud to be a Bronson employee, but now I’ve added grateful to the list as well.

Bronson Vicksburg Emergency Fast and Efficient

Thursday, July 21st, 2011

by: Lana Koole-Sygnecki

I would like to say Thank You to all the staff at BVOC who helped me during my ER visit on June 16th. I had a tonsillectomy at Bronson on the June 2nd (surgery went very well and the care at Bronson was superior). Following my surgery I became constipated and I thought impacted. I used several over the counter medications without much relief. I would like to thank Dr. Lori Dotson for taking good care of me and precribing medication that would finally get things moving. AND thank you for not doing any unnecessary painful procedures, you are awesome. Thank you to Barb Barber RN for making me feel comfortable and well taken care of. And thank you to Karen Crowell X-ray tech for taking great pictures and giving Dr. Dotson a clear view of my problem. Bronson Vicksburg Emergency was both fast and efficient. Our community is blessed with such wonderful caring people.

Forever grateful to each and every one

Thursday, June 2nd, 2011

by: James(Bob) Alderson

I was taken to Bronson E.R. via ambulance,from Three Rivers Health,early in the a.m.,on April,27th,2011.I had had a stroke at home,and was admitted to Bronson,for extensive treatment.I was admitted to the Bronson NVU,at about 5:30p.m.,on 04/27/11.
While at Bronson,I received excellent care from all personnell with whom I came in contact.My stay at Bronson lasted until 05/06/11.My tahanks goes out to all who had a part in my care while at Bronson.I will be forever grateful to each and every one.

A Pleasant “Far Away” Place

Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

by: Ann Stark

I was an ER patient overnight and had to have several tests the next day. While in the Radiology bay, Erin was the PCA who played her violin there. It was delightful! She played a variety of music, being sensitive to the wishes of the patients there. For the first time since entering Bronson 19 hours ago, I felt like I was no longer in a hospital, but rather in a pleasant “far away” place while she played. She always took care of the patients’ needs first, but then took a minute or two to play her violin and allow us some respite from our worries and anxieties.
Kudos to Erin for her creative way of providing patient care, and to Bronson for allowing this creative young woman to provide her special type of caring.

Mary Ann Stark, PhD, RN

Lost “Lovie”

Wednesday, April 20th, 2011

by: Patricia Kendall

My story is about a wounderful unit clerk in the ED. I had to take my then 3 year old daughter Emma to the ED in the middle of the night in the middle of a snow storm for a high fever. After finding out that she had a ear infection, and I put all of her snow stuff back on and we made it to the car. As we were almost home, Emma started to cry “Mommy I lost my lovie”, well anyone with small kids knows that means they have just lost their best friend. In this case, it’s my daughters blanket she calls her “lovie” that she can not sleep without. I turned the car around and was back in the waiting room for the ED trying to ask if I could please go back into the room that we had just come from. The unit clerk Angel, when back into the room and came back into the waiting room to let me know that she say no baby blanket and all of the laundry from that room was in the basement of the hospital. Emma was not only heart broken, I could not get her to stop crying. Just then, Angel looked at me and said, “I have a small son too, that can’t sleep without his stuffed bear.” She said just give me few miuntes to see what I can do. She went down into the laundry room and went throught 30 bags of dirty laundry and found my daughters “lovie”. Emma in almost 7, and I tell everyone that great story of how angel saved “lovie”. That is my Bronson Positivity Story.

Forever Grateful for the Staff and Physicians

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

by: lia gaggino

One year ago my husband Rodger was admitted on an emergency basis because of a clot in his popliteal artery. From the moment he entered the hospital we received nothing but exceptional care. He spent several weeks in TCU, had 5 surgeries and 3 trips to the ER because of complications related to the severity of his disease. Without exception the entire staff treated us with respect and kindness. Because of the excellent care he received he has his leg and indeed his life. We are forever grateful for the staff and physicians who cared for him and I am proud to be a Bronson Employee!

Burn and Wound Clinic

Friday, April 8th, 2011

by: Karin Zaleski

My 84 year-old father had a minor procedure on his big toe in late February, 2011. A week later, it became infected and we took him back to the doctor. He was put on a strong antibiotic and a visiting nurse waa ordered to change the dressing. Long story short, Dad had a bad reaction to the antibiotic in the form of severe diarrhea, nausea and some vomiting. This went on for days while we tried to treat him at home. Finally we took him back to the doctor and that’s when he told us it was likely from the antibiotic and not a flu bug. After suffering through a few more days of it, we took Dad to the Emergency Room. He was found to be severely dehydrated, so much so that it affected his kidneys. He was admitted to the hospital.

The following day was Dad’s first visit to Bronson’s Burn and Wound Clinic, for treatment of his still ailing toe. He visited the Clinic every one of the three days he was hospitalized. At has follow up appointment with his primary physician we decided it best if Dad continue to visit the Wound Clinic and an appointment was made for the following day. This was the first time my mother and myself encountered the Clinic and its staff.

Three people helped Dad while we were there — Dr. Dircks, the P.A. Vicki and nurse Wendy. I can’t say enough good things about them! They were extremely courteous, patient, and caring toward Dad. They were very thorough and detailed in explaining everything about Dad’s condition, which was made worse by his underlying heart and circulatory problems. In fact, we now understand more about Dad’s issues than ever. All of his Bronson doctors are good, but none had taken the time or care to explain things like Vicki and Dr. Dircks did. As a result, we even asked them to refer us to a new cardiac doctor at Bronson, which they did.

Another long story short, our encounter with Dr. Dircks, Vicki and Wendy at the Wound Clinic was the most pleasant, informed and friendly doctor’s appointment we’ve ever had. Dad, Mom and I left knowing Dad was in excellent and expert hands, and very hopeful that Dad’s troubles are going to get better. I can’t thank them enough for their kindness .

Superior Service

Friday, April 8th, 2011

by: Ann-Marie Breese

This winter was hard on my three kids and I had taken them to another IMC in the area for most of their after hours visits. Each visit included a wait time of at LEAST three hours. With my children being seven and under I found that unacceptable. This past illness we came back to Bronson. We had a slight delay in being seen because it was so busy and the nurses and doctor apologized profusely for our wait. Once we were in a room my daughter was quickly assessed and treated. Even with our “delay” we were out in less than an hour. I delivered two of my children here and had one hospitalized for a week here and all three stays were well above expectations. I don’t know why I ever went to another facility and won’t make that mistake again. I have never had an issue here. I used to work in the medical field and am familiar with procedure on both the financial and medical end and feel that this hospital has it together. No matter how hectic it may be for the staff you would never know it as a patient. Superior service.

Chest Pain Emergency

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

by: Carrie Kotecki

When my mother called and said my father was having chest pain and was being taken to a outlying hospital I immediately told her to have him transferred to Bronson. Upon arrival to Bronson’s emergency department he very quickly was assessed and a chest pain protocol started. He was taken to the cardiac cath lab where a procedure was performed to open a blocked artery. He spent a few days in the hospital and was discharged home. The staff at Bronson were fantastic from start to finish. Everyone was friendly and helpful. As an emergency room nurse of several years I have seen many patients with this problem. When it happens to a family member, you know longer are the nurse looking at the situation from a distance. It’s very uncomfortable being on the other side of the medical arena. The staff at Bronson made sure my family and I understood everything that was happening and did not make any assumptions because I was a nurse. It is very comforting to know that the staff at Bronson treat everyone like an extension of their own family. They turned a difficult experience into a positive outcome. Thank you!