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Kudos to them for staying friendly in such a stressful situation.

Tuesday, January 27th, 2015

by: Ryan

I was recently in the ER and Valerie French, Sharon Rigby, and Ryan Seim were outstanding very caring and made me feel comfortable kudos to them for staying friendly in such a stressful situation.

I can’t thank you enough for the extra effort

Monday, January 12th, 2015

by: Roland Johnson

My mother was seen in ER on Wednesday 7JAN15 in ER for a potentially life threatening condition. The efforts to determine her status took several hours, and was stressful on her. When she left the ER room she unknowingly left her bifocals in the bedding. After looking for her glasses in all of her belongings without success we returned to the ER where the staff was very busy.
However the ER greeter (Terri W.) and the nurse (Renee ?) that took care of my mother located the bedding that my mother used, and somehow found the glasses in the bedding and returned them to me.
The additional stress to my mother that this gesture avoided along with the treatment we received while in Bronson ER care was noteworthy. I can’t thank you enough for the extra effort.
Roland Johnson

Treated in a phenomenal manner

Wednesday, December 31st, 2014

by: patricia raver

I came into the emergency room on Christmas night of 2014. I had fallen and broken my finger. My finger was also out of place and had to be reset. The procedure was extremely painful, but was made easier by the care and concern that the E.R doctor gave me. His kindness was very much appreciated! Actually, from the moment we walked in, to the second we left, we were treated in a phenomenal manner. And by people who had to spend their holiday working! It was a bad accident made much easier by the staff at Bronson. You should be very proud of these people :)

Forever grateful

Tuesday, December 9th, 2014

by: Kacy Sullivan

My story happened in 1998. My sweet 6 week old daughter Alyssa was brought into the ER with trouble breathing. She had been seen the night before at Pipp in Plainwell and was given a cough syrup with codeine to help her. When she didn’t improve I brought her to Bronson. Minutes after arriving she stopped breathing. Her heart stopped beating. My daughter had RSV and was also having an allergic reaction to the codeine. I remember being told to wait in the hallway. I remember a pastor coming to see me.
My daughter is about to turn 17 years old on January 13th. She is a junior in high school. She gets straight A’s. She is the kindest and sweetest girl ever.
I unfortunately don’t remember any of her doctors or nurses names. But you saved her life. And I am forever grateful to you for that. Thank you.

Highly recommend this hospital for the very good care

Monday, November 17th, 2014

by: Thomas Allen

I came into the ED this just a few days ago, with severe abdominal pain and nausea. In the Ed, i was given very good care by Gary, Jen, Dr Goldberg and Katie. I was sent to CT, and Amy quickly did my CT, and was very good to me. I was then sent to 5th floor, where I spent part of the night to early morning, and got very good care by Terry, and Olivia and a nice gentleman nurse, that took excellent care of me, but I didnt remember his name, as I was drugged pretty good at the time. I then went to Surgery taken by Rick, who did a great job, and Season checked me in, and got me prepped. Dr Lins, Dr Bartholemew and Pam got me ready to go to surgery to have my appendix removed, and they also fixed an umbilical hernia while in there. I was then taken to recovery, where Cheri did a fantastic job prior to sending me home. The whole visit went very good, and everyone did the best job they could do to make my visit, a very good one, under the circumstances. I would highly recommend this hospital for the very good care that I got. I am also a bronson employee. I was very pleased with my treatment from start to finish.

Appreciative and thankful for their tenderness

Wednesday, September 24th, 2014

by: Becky Mulder

My 3 y/o daughter broke her arm falling off the monkey bars. The people at Vicksburg Bronson ER were fabulous with her. Karen the R.T.R was especially tender when getting her X-ray. I was really appreciative and thankful for their tenderness toward my daughter and myself.
Thanks for making a awful situation much more bearable.
Madi(3y/o) and. Becky(mom)

I just wanted to applaud the entire staff I encountered.

Sunday, August 3rd, 2014

by: Aaron McElrath

I came into the emergency room this weekend with severe back pain. I just wanted to applaud the entire staff I encountered. Everyone’s bed side manner was great. They were calming and informative. Jessica (my nurse) was especially great. Probably the best nurse I’ve ever had draw my blood…and she made me laugh.

From top to bottom (the RN, the person taking my insurance info, the PA, and the DR), everyone was terrific.


I am in awe daily as an employee, but as a customer I am overcome with admiration of my co-workers for the impact they make every single day.

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014

by: Kimberly Hybels

While I have been a nurse at Bronson for many years, it is not until you are in the vulnerable state of being a helpless family member that you can truely appreciate just what we do here at Bronson. My father-in law nearly lost his thumb in June and although his insurance dictates he is supposed to utilize another establishment he always choses Bronson as the quality is uncomparable. He was suffering not only a great amount of pain, but psychological trauma as well. The ER staff, OR staff and IP PACU staff met his every need ensuring his pain was well managed. Jaimie the ER xray tech took special care to minimize further trauma of the thumb and displayed great compassion. Dr. Walbridge took time to listen and discuss the appropriate plan of care. Dr. King was beyond knowledgeable, skilled and his humor was just what my dad needed. In pre-op Sara and Stephanie were attentive and accomodating. The OR staff, Lisa, Dr. Barclay I just can not put into words my appreciation for the personal care they delivered. The IP PACU staff of Elaine, James, and John worked as a brilliant team personifying the values on Bronson Hospital. I am in awe daily as an employee, but as a customer I am overcome with admiration of my co-workers for the impact they make every single day.

A place where friendly, caring people make everything better

Thursday, June 12th, 2014

by: Rita Cox

As a Bronson employee, I thought I understood what Positivity meant, but after having an experience this past weekend as the family member of a patient, I truly understand and appreciate the meaning. My seven year old daughter, Megan, cut her ankle and required stitches, which of course was a scary and stressful situation for the whole family. We took her immediately to the Bronson Lakeview Emergency Room. We were promptly brought back to a room for treatment and both Trish, our nurse, and Dr. Dommer, the ER Physician, were in the room almost immediately. Not only did they address Megan’s cut, but they calmed her down and took the time to listen to her concerns and fears. Dr. Dommer and Trish answered Megan’s questions (my seven year old had lots of questions!) and explained everything they were doing. Our Emergency Room visit lasted just under 1 hour, and we left very pleased with the care provided. To Megan, the Emergency Room is no longer a scary place where sick people go, but rather is a place where friendly, caring people take care of your cuts and make everything better. Thank you!

Wonderful Emergency Department and Peds department

Friday, May 9th, 2014

by: alice Munoz

I want to say what a wonderful Emergency Department and Peds department Bronson Methodist has. We were in for my son who had a infection and didnt know why. The Drs and nurses were on top of everything fast and did not pass us off. My son was admitted with in 15 minutes after we arrived there. We then were taken up to the Children s hospital and the care there was great. My son had a reaction to the meds and the nurse was paying attention to him and acted quickly to make sure he was ok. The whole staff right down to housekeeping were nice and friendly. I am glad we choose to take him to Bronson Hospital in Kalamazoo that day. We want to thank everyone there for the wonderful care.