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Very fortunate that I was sent to Bronson Hospital

Tuesday, March 17th, 2015

by: Benjamin Allen

I am from St. Louis and was visiting at my 2nd home in South Haven when I broke my hip (the pickleball man). I consider it very fortunate that I was sent to Bronson Hospital. I have been to hospitals, as a patient or a visitor, in Des Moines, Indianapolis, St. Louis and Rochester, MN (Mayo Clinic affiliated) and none hold a candle to the culture of caring, positive professionalism that we met at every turn during our stay at Bronson. The amazing thing is that that culture is embraced by all of the Bronson employees. As my wife moved throughout the hospital, she said everyone she encountered was eager to assist her (to the point of even escorting her to where she was trying to go). Dr Rowe was fantastic as the surgeon. And I give a special thanks to Tina and Ethel, two outstanding nurses. The hospital room was beautiful and my wife tells me that was true of the entire hospital. The nice surroundings also add to recovery. Thanks to Dr. Rowe and his staff, all the nurses and PCAs, the physical therapy department, case manager, Dr. Pierce and associates, and the recovery and OR nurses. To a one, all were great.

I am not sure where I would be today without the suppport and care of your outstanding staff.

Thursday, January 30th, 2014

by: Theresa Buschbacher

I commend Bronson hospital for excellent care that I have received over the years! I came in as a Burn Patient July 12, 2009. I was under the care of Dr. Alan Messenger and then became a patient of Dr. James Kraatz and Dr. Jeffery King. I must say without the knowledge and compassion of care that I had received from these doctors and also the care of the great supporting hospital staff from; Air Care, the cleaning crew, maintenance personnel, physical therapists, nurses, social workers, secretaries, doctors and PA’s. I am not sure where I would be today. I felt that the smiling faces and compassion that the entire staff carries makes me feel very privileged to be taken care of by these great people. I have been apart of other hospital systems and I do not feel I have ever gotten the level of care and courtesy of the other hospitals. Bronson feels like no other hospital and maybe that is in part to being a patient so long that I feel like your an extended part of my family. I feel Bronson not only gave me quality care but it made my quality of life much better than what it could have been. I Thank you ALL at Bronson for the support! On behalf, of myself and my family WE THANK YOU!!!

Thank you for taking care of our community!

Thursday, June 9th, 2011

by: Christy

Recently my mother was hospitalized outside of the Kalamazoo community. She was in a room with another woman and this hospital did not participate in patient and family centered care. This experience with my mother made me really grateful that we have such a great hospital with a focus on patient and family centered care right in our back yard. Thank you for maintaining such a great culture and taking care of our community!

Thank you Bronson for saving my life and my baby’s life!!!

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

by: Alyssa Thompson

My family and I will always hold Bronson and all the staff close to our hearts. They were truly our angels in a serious emergency situation.

I was 36 weeks pregnant and on bed rest for high blood pressure when I woke up feeling sick in March 2010. I had vomitted and passed out. My husband quickly took me to Labor and Delivery at Bronson.

Dr. Tempest Allen, the OBGYN on call, responded very quickly to the symptoms I was having. She performed an ultrasound determining that baby was in good health. Due to the headache I was complaining about, she ordered a CT Scan and MRI and found that I was suffering from a brain hemorrhage. Many many doctors and nurses from the Neurosciences team, along with Dr. Robert Austin, a high-risk pregnancy doctor as well as Dr. Allen, quickly gathered around me to discuss the order of procedures that would take place.

My husband said it was amazing how many doctors responded within minutes. All of the sudden they were lined up, all explaining their roles and drawing pictures to help my family understand what was happening so they could quickly make the best decisions.

Dr.Fabi immediately started an extra-ventricular drain to relieve some of the pressure in my brain. Dr. Austin then performed an emergency C-section. My new baby girl Makenna was safely delivered. The final step was an endovascular coiling procedure performed by Dr. Noonan to stop blood flow to the aneurysm.

I remember waking up after two surgeries and many procedures. I was completely confused and had no idea what was happening. All the nurses were fantastic, comforting me and explaining to me everything that was going on. They set up a webcam into the NICU so I could watch my new baby.

I truly cannot say enough good things about all of the nurses and doctors. They all took such good care of me as well as everyone in my family. They were continously communicating with my husband and family members on updates and explained everything very thoroughly. They were all very compassionate and professional. I spent 16 days in ICU and I remember telling plenty of nurses and doctors “Thank you for taking such good care of me,” and every single one of their responses was the same. They would say, “I just love what I do!” That was very evident in all of their actions. All of the nurses and doctors that we had experience with showed such deep concern and care for myself and my family. In fact, one of my family members that spent a great deal of time at the hospital during our stay was noticing how every staff member loved their job so much and was so happy, he applied to be a volunteer at Bronson (he is under 18) and he is now working as a volunteer and loving the volunteer program at Bronson.

I was definitely in the right place. The team was amazing and I don’t know that I would have been as well taken care of if I had been anywhere else. Bronson has been and always will be our hospital.  Thank you Bronson for saving my life and my baby’s life!!!

Thank You OSU Nurses

Monday, May 16th, 2011

by: Lacresha Hearn, RN

It has been six months since my aunt passed away from Pancreatic Cancer and I still think about the nurses that became a part of our family during this stressful and time in our lives. I knew my aunt was in the best hospital and that Bronson would do everything they could to make her comfortable. The nurses on OSU are among the best in the nation with skills talent compassion and creativity made both lengthy stays for my aunt more tolerable. Bringing her a cake and singing to her at the time of discharge from the hospital will forever remain in my heart. My aunt was sent home with hospice and less than 24 hrs after returning home she said “I want to go back to Bronson.” We all laughed, she truly bonded with all of the nurses on the OSU, she opened up to them and trusted them. As an employee I was able to work and know that my aunt was in good hands. Thank You to the wonderful nurses on the Ortho-Surgical unit, you ladies are amazing~

P.S. the attached photo was taken by one of the nurses on the OSU, she forever captured my aunt and myself just weeks before my aunt passed away.