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I have been pleased

August 12, 2015

by: Anonymous

I have been pleased with everything in my recovery.

Proud to be an employee of this hospital

August 10, 2015

by: Heather A Morris

Recently, I experienced a series of headaches lasting one week. Each day was worse than the day before. As a nurse, I tend to wait longer thinking it will go away, or it’s something simple. I took ibuprofen and Tylenol around the clock with minimal relief. On the 7th day I was in so much pain, my husband insisted we go get checked. I paged the doc. The doc insisted I go get checked. I went to Bronson Urgent Care on beckley road. They took me back immediately. The nurse I saw (don’t remember her name. She worse glasses, brown hair. I got there at 7:45pm on Friday, August 7, 2015) was exceptional. There are no words to describe how comforted and well cared for I felt in just a 10 minute meet with her. She insisted I go to ER (groan). She hugged me, she gave me tissues. She could tell immediately I was under-reporting the pain and told me to accurately describe my pain to the ER so they could treat me. So, off I went to the ER at Bronson Battle Creek. After a relatively short wait, I was shown to an exam room. Doc Lendzion came to examine me, asking me multiple questions, but simultaneously comforting me and making me at ease. My blood pressure went from 169/95 to 1348/81 in this short time. He explained what he wanted to do and Jenny, RN came in to start an Iv. Such a pleasant nurse! She chatted with me, doing her various tasks as well, but treating me as a person, not a symptom. How thankful I was for her! When I left the ER that evening, I walked out proud to be an employee of this hospital, and a coworker of these fabulous providers!!

My son got the best care possible and the hospitality was amazing

August 7, 2015

by: carrie lahnum

If I had to rate the nicu there isn’t a number high enough. My son was born with a clef lip and palet and was not detected until my csection. He was born in Bronson battle creek and they didn’t know how to handle the situation. So they sent him here to the nicu. At first it was scary because I’ve never been here and didn’t know anyone or how the out come would be. My son got the best care possible and the hospitality was amazing. They not only took care of my son but they took care of my needs as well. I asked god to send me an angel to look out for my son in this time of need and he sent me a whole team of angels. Words will never be enough to express my thanks for all they have done. I would like to name them all but there were so many people who took care of him and I so the unit as a whole needs to know that they are super hero’s . if I had to describe the definition of a team it would be Bronson nicu.

Carrie Lahnum

From the get go, we received excellent care, that went above and beyond.

August 6, 2015

by: Donna

In July, my 17 year old son was injured while being pulled on an inner tube behind a personal watercraft. The injury to his hand was not severe, but bad enough that he required surgery. Dr. Gerstner had treated my son for a broken wrist in the past, as well as treating another one of my children for a broken finger. Based on the care we received previously, I knew immediately who I would trust with my son’s care.

From the get go, we received excellent care, that went above and beyond. I would like to say that Sandy, who answered the phone at the office, was very kind and helpful in getting me to the person I needed to speak to. I asked some questions that she could not answer as she is not clinical staff, but she let me know what she could do and that she would get me to the person who could best help me.

Heather, Dr. Gerstner’s Medical Assistant, did a great job going through some concerns I had, and was very helpful and patient in explaining things to me. She also ROCKED OUT my FMLA paperwork; it was done thoroughly and very quickly. By doing so, there was one less thing for me to worry about, and made it so more of my focus could be on my son.

I called the surgery scheduler (sorry, I don’t remember her name!)because my husband ended up taking our son for the initial consult, and I just needed some clarification. She took time out of her day to go over it with me, even though she had already been over it with my husband.

Last, but certainly not least, is Dr. Gerstner. This was the first surgery he’s performed on any of my children, and he took the time to answer my questions and address my concerns before surgery, as well as afterwards in recovery. I did not feel rushed in any way, and he took time to explain everything I had questions about. He also spoke directly to my son, and answered questions he had, in a way that a 17 year old understands and respects.

Everyone I’ve come in contact with in this office has always been kind, considerate, and caring. They work well as a team and put patient care first in a such a way that for our family, it took a lot of the worry out of what was going on with my son.

I also want to add a shout out to Katie the Nurse at the Outpatient Surgery Center; I called her on the day of surgery because my son has Type I Diabetes, and he was having a low blood sugar, which we treated with glucose tabs, but I was concerned about him maintaining a safe glucose level due to the face he could not eat with the surgery just hours away. She told me to bring him in, even though it was earlier than his scheduled arrival time, and she took him back before we were even done checking in and assessed the situation with his glucose.

I understand everyone was doing their job, but the way in which they did it was always positive, and with great compassion and understanding. I will not hesitate to see Dr. Gerstner again if (heaven forbid!) we are in the need of orthopedic services again.

My highest commendation

August 3, 2015

by: David Small

The whole staff at Bronson Urology (downtown) including the receptionist (Angelica) The PA, (Charles Roelant) and my nurse (Alissa M.) were fantastic! Patient, caring, educational, to a person. My highest commendation!
David Small

Its an experience I will never forget

August 3, 2015

by: Caitlin Miller

I have a chronic health issue that involves perianal abscesses and fitulas, so I’ve visited more than one hospital several times. I recently moved to Michigan to get better service, and I was not disappointed! The Bronson Hospital in Kalamazoo is wonderful, and the staff are the best teams I’ve ever witnessed!! They were kind, gentle, and understanding. As soon as I walked in to the ER, they were prompt and had me inside, ready to figure out how to help me. They also took the time to communicate to me, and also to my colon and rectal surgeon. It was amazing, and I was in tears.
Its an experience I will never forget, and will be hard to beat!

Excellent Service

July 29, 2015

by: Mark Bechman

Jill is a GodSend. Excellent Service. Couldn’t be any better. GO Jill yea.

Very nice

July 29, 2015

by: Harold Doxey

Very nice at Dr. Office Midwest urology Dr’s and nurses the best!!!

You will never know how much I appreciate all they did

July 27, 2015

by: Marilyn Roseboom

When I got out of the hospital, I had home care. My nurse was Trudy Vangiessen. She was very knowledgeable. She showed compassion and was extremely professional. I looked forward to her visits. Trudy made you feel like a friend not a patient. She made sure any issue I had was taken care of. She was so compassionate with me. Bronson needs to thank her for the remarkable job she does every day.

My bath aide was Kelly Holmgren. AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She cares so much for her patients. She makes you feel like she is a family member helping out at home. A true professional!!!!!!!!!! She was made to take care of people. She is kind, funny, very compassionate. Kelly Makes sure that all my needs with the shower are met on every visit. She goes above and beyond for her patients. If someone could they should give her a BIG raise. She earns every dollar she makes. She feels like a friend.

I would like to personally thank Trudy and Kelly for all they did for me during my home care. You will never know how much I appreciate all they did and how much I looked forward to their visits. YOU ARE THE BEST. THANKS AGAIN!!!!!!!!!

Always have great experiences at the Vicksburg location

July 20, 2015

by: Julie Morris

I recently visited Bronson Outpatient Sevices in Vicksburg for x-rays of my foot and ankle. Karen, the technician who worked with me was both friendly and knowledgeable. She went above and beyond showing me my radiographs and explaining the technology. She made me feel very comfortable and was considerate of the pain I was experiencing.I always have great experiences at the Vicksburg location!