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We now know why Bronson rates in the top 100 hospitals in the Country

March 10, 2014

by: Larry Kancauski

I want to say that Bronson Hospital has a Great NICU unit. We had a boy that was born there at 27 weeks old. It was a long 126 days that our little boy went from 2 pounds to 8 pounds before he got to come home on Thanksgiving day! The nurses and doctors are top notch.

I would like to say thanks to everyone in the unit. I would like to thank the doctors, Shurer, Moline, Rimkey, Purdy and Pierucci. The nurses were wonderful. There was many times that the nurses just didn’t take care of our boy, but took care of my wife and I during our rollercoaster ride. The nurses that were there for us is Mary H, Cindy S, Sally, Renea C, Renee S, Katie, Erica, Becca and Melody. The list keeps going.

After our stay we now know why Bronson rates in the top 100 hospitals in the Country. Thanks to Bronson in helping us have a little healthy boy who makes our day with his priceless smile and giggles.


Wonderful staff at Bronson

March 6, 2014

by: Jasmine Hackett

After one of my best friends was in an unfortunate car accident, he was in a coma and received medical care at Bronson. Along with many other friends and family I came to visit him.I remember upon my visit thinking that this could possibly be the last time I saw him as it was not guaranteed that he was going to make it out of the coma alive. I don’t remember exactly how long he was in the hospital but would estimate that it was for at least a month. During that time his many friends came together as he was the glue that held our clique together. I remember one particular day after visiting our coma-state friend we all went to Open Mic and performed a set dedicated to him as he is a musician and through music we all know each other. Miraculously he made it out of the coma alive. I recall the exact day I first saw him after he was dismissed from Bronson and it just so happened to be at the same venue where we all had gathered to perform on his behalf. All the positive energy of his friends and family in and of course the wonderful staff at Bronson are to thank for my friends successful recovery and would like to say THANK YOU!

Quality of service is right on par with those at Cleveland

March 6, 2014

by: Aaron

Wednesday February 26, 2014
Vicki is an outstanding clerk at the Bronson Battle Creek Cancer Center reception desk for a number of reasons. She greeted this first time patient with a smile and immediately I felt at ease. She explained the steps she would be following before beginning the registration process. She also explained where water and beverages were available.

An explanation of each form was given before showing where it needed to be signed. Then she explained a nurse would call my name from the waiting area and would take me to a room for obtaining vital signs and that the doctor would meet with me in the same room.

Before we left the doctor said that he had some instructions for Vicki necessary to set up future tests and appointments. He told us to return to the waiting room and Vicki would call me. The doctor’s instructions were somewhat involved and Vicki took the time to make the appointments convenient as possible. Blood work had been ordered and she left her desk to take me to the lab.

Since I have been to Cleveland Clinic over a five year period, I can speak with authority that Vicki’s quality of service is right on par with those at Cleveland.

I complimented Vicki in the presence of Sara, lead nurse, and both Vicki and Sara were very appreciative.

I did not learn the name of the lab technician that drew my blood on this same Wednesday afternoon. Her technique was excellent as I hardly felt the needle. She earns my praise also.


Caregivers at Bronson are second to none

February 28, 2014

by: steven burtis

We are so fortunate to have a outstanding hospital in our city. The caregivers at Bronson are second to none. It is comforting to be going into surgery and have Joe G. there to take care of you, make sure you are ready, and ensure you everything will be alright. I can’t thank the Bronson people enough for taking care of my family and me whenever we have needed their excellent care. They reduce the stress that is typically associated with surgical procedures. Every time I walk thru Bronson every employee I see smiles and says hello. Thank you Bronson Hospital for always bring there when we need you.

Steve Burtis

Above and beyond

February 27, 2014

by: Michelle

Just wanted to share a visit I had with a patient and her family member in January 2014. The daughter of the patient was very complimentary of the diet office associate who helped with ordering breakfast that day. I have been informed the diet office associate was Deb Mawby, who was very kind, patient and helpful to the patient and her daughter. In speaking with the daughter, she said at the end of the conversation via phone Deb offered the daughter a cup of coffee or anything else if she desired. The daughter was very appreciative of this and stated all staff here have been very caring and helpful, but she went above and beyond in this instance. Thanks to Deb for your dedication to our patients and their families with your example of customer service. It is appreciated very much and did not go unnoticed.

Fantastic nurses at Bronson Battle Creek

February 21, 2014

by: Aaron

I was admitted to Out Patient Radiology and the four nurses that prepared me for biopsy and recovery afterward were fantastic. The nurses were Gretchen, Stacey, Denise and Mary. They all had many smiles and we even joked around a bit and that made my experience much happier.

They all were knowledgeable and explained the procedure I would be experiencing. I really wish there was a place on this website that I could leave a message to their superior(s). My hope is that their supervisor(s) will visit this site and read what I have written.

Bronson Battle Creek should treat these nurses with respect and see to it they are adequately compensated for what they do.

Thank you for having such an awesome staff

February 21, 2014

by: Thomas Cowan

Having been a patient for brain surgery (Bronson – Kalamazoo), I had been referred to the Physical Therapy Department at Bronson-Battle Creek. This outstanding staff of “caring positivity” staff have been wonderful. Jeff, Johnathon, Amy, Sandy, Claire, etc. set the standard for out patient care. They are all very patient, caring, understanding, and very patient focused for positive outcomes.

Thank you for having such an awesome staff.

Above and Beyond Physical Therapy Care!

February 21, 2014

by: Cheryl Troup

I recently had a shoulder manipulation on a Friday morning the doctor scheduled physical therapy for 14 days in a row. My husband and I were concerned because we knew that the outpatient services were not open on Saturdays and Sundays. When we went to the appointment desk at the outpatient physical therapy office of Bronson Battle Creek, to schedule my appointments, Amy said, “Oh well, we just need to talk to Jeff.” Jeff was wonderful; he scheduled me on Friday afternoon and then in the PARC with Costa over the weekend. It was great that there was not even a second thought about it and Jeff made it seem like they did this all the time yet like it was being done special just for me. The second weekend that I needed to attend therapy, I overheard Costa say he could come in for me again but he would be in jeans. That made me feel really special even though they treat all their patients special. I have been going to therapy 3 times a week for some time now and have had the chance to observe the workings of BBC Physical Therapy, they all have the best interests of the patients in mind, while treating the patient with kindness, respect, and making them feel comfortable. I have been blessed to have Costa, Marlin, Sharaddha, Rebecca, Tom and Megan on my team encouraging me while pushing me to my fullest potential for a full recovery. Thanks to them all I am healing and have met some GREAT people!

Very lucky to have such a great hospital in our community

February 17, 2014

by: Patti Ernst

My mom was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma the spring of 2011 while she was an inpatient at Bronson Battle Creek. Her chemotherapy was started during her initial inpatient admission and continued over the next 6 months on an outpatient basis. We made a few trips to the Emergency Department and she was an inpatient off and on over the rest of 2011. During all those times she received excellent care and when I say “care” I really mean she was “cared for”. She was also admitted to the University of Michigan over the course of her treatment. My family and I noticed that Bronson Battle Creek had many advantages over a big hospital like the U. It made us all feel very lucky to have such a great hospital in our community. Thank you Bronson Battle Creek for “caring for” amd “being there” for us all.

Thank you for making this the most pleasant experience of our lives

February 17, 2014

by: Ric Johnson

I wish to offer my gratitude for quality service from the following people as they so aptly cared for my daughter and grandchild: (I may have missed a few, but they are to be included as well)

Joedy Brown
Jennifer Ryan
Heather Foulke
Ruth Hope
Chris Dolin
The two Doctors (one I mistook for the chaplain)
The anesthesiologist
The phlebotomist

I am a Board Certified Hospital Chaplain and my wife is Executive Director for Patient Experience at Kettering Health Network. Thus said from our experience with hospital protocol we witnessed the finest quality work in the birth of our grandson Harper.

Their kindness and professionalism is outstanding.

Thank you for making this the most pleasant experience of our lives.

Ric Johnson, BCC