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Welcoming, friendly, efficient, and sets the perfect atmosphere

February 18, 2015

by: Elizabeth Amidon

My experience at Bronson Internal Medicine Downtown is always positive from the moment I enter the office. Angelica Salazar, the receptionist, is welcoming, friendly, efficient, and sets the perfect atmosphere for what can be an emotional visit with a doctor. Kudos to the entire office: the staff has been wonderful in providing a positive experience from entry to exit. I wish them all the best after the office disbands, and I am happy that Dr. Cindi Smith will continue her practice at Bronson downtown. I hope to hear Angelica’s greeting at another office at Bronson.

Extremely thorough and made us feel like she really cared

February 9, 2015

by: Bill Whisman

Anytime I hear your test was abnormal and you need to see a specialist I get nervous. My wife was referred to an Neurologist; Dr. Yanny Phillips. I tend to stress far more than my wife. But after our visit I felt very relieved and knew what a good doctor she is. Dr. Phillips was one of the nicest, most pleasant doctors I have ever met. She was extremely thorough and made us feel like she really cared, not only about the test results but the overall and future health of my wife. She listened, made observations and suggestions to help my wifes general well being. At no time did we feel like a number or just another patient. She took time to explain the test results in terms we could understand. She gets an outstanding rating from me.

I couldn’t have asked for nicer professionals tending to my needs!

February 5, 2015

by: Lisa Lynn DeGraaf

Just a note to tell everyone that I felt extremely well cared for at Bronson Methodist Hospital on the day of my surgery. My primary surgeon was Dr. Nancy Kalinowski. The rest of my “care professionals” were just as great as my surgeon. They were all very kind and patient and caring. My surgery went very well and my recovery is going well too.

I really like the way Dr. Kalinowski makes her personal phone calls too. If it’s good news she starts by saying “good news, good news, this is Dr. Kalinowski.” Then she proceeds with details. Her office staff is the greatest! They are also kind and patient, smiling and friendly. But above that, they are helpful. They could answer any question I had. I would definitely recommend her to any of my friends, family or anyone that may be in my situation.

I couldn’t have asked for nicer professionals tending to my needs!

I have never seen a nursing staff that worked this hard and met my every need.

February 5, 2015

by: William Vale

I am here for my third night and I will go home tomorrow. I have never seen a nursing staff that worked this hard and met my every need. All of the staff listed below in one way or another they were very kind to me. They did an excellent job working as a team. Several times they would get very busy but it made no difference. I have a new knee and you have a wonderful staff. Special thanks to Tony Newberry my main nurse. He was absolutely indespensable. He got my meds, straightened out my making calls, etc. He bent over backword to make my stay all it could be. Greatest thanks!

-Chelsea (nurse)
-Tony N. (nurse)
-Arthur (physical therapy)
-Abbi (physical therapy tech)
-Mikael W. (housekeeping)
-Sam (patient care assistant)
-Nathan P.
-Nicole (patient care assistant)
-Paige (nurse)
-Stephanie (nurse)

I am very thankful that we as patients are blessed to have all of you.

February 5, 2015

by: Cindy Sharrar

I want everyone to know that I had an awesome experience while in the hospital. Every single person was so professional and caring. I am very thankful that we as patients are blessed to have all of you. The doctors and nurses had such a positive attitude and made me feel so comfortable and safe. Thank you so much for everything you give of yourself. I am so fortunate to have you in my life. Thanks again!

A big thank you to everyone involved in my care today.

February 5, 2015

by: Joy Wisser

I had to have some testing done today at Bronson. I had a very positive experience from start to finish once I entered the building. Everyone was warm friendly and helpful. Registration was smooth. My US tech Amanda was wonderful and put me at ease. She went out of her way to see if I could have my CT early to get all of my testing done and get on my way home. I really appreciated her professional and caring attitude. It made my dread of testing vanish almost immediately. A big thank you to everyone involved in my care today.

Dr Gauthier made him feel at ease from the moment he walked in the exam room.

February 4, 2015

by: Tina Hernandez

I am very happy to tell you about a physician who helped my Dad! My Dad is 86 years old and has had some health issues. He had to wait until he was feeling better to be able to see a Urologist. So before his appoinmnet to see Dr. Anthony Gauthier at BHCMW Gull Road Urology, he had a long time to worry about the scope that he was going have and what they would find. My Dad is 86 years old and hard of hearing. Dr Gauthier made him feel at ease from the moment he walked in the exam room. Dr Gauthier was so kind, caring and gentle and also explained everything by taking his time to make sure he understood every thing he was doing every step of the way. This made all the difference in the world to him and myself!!!!! I would love to let eveyone know what a wonderful job he did with my Dad!!!

Best x-ray I have ever had

February 4, 2015

by: Jennifer Feasel

I went to get an x-ray on my arm on February 3. I met the most caring technician Karen at Bronson Vicksburg. She was confident in her work and took a lot of pride in it. Karen introduced herself and made sure I was comfortable and assured me the best pictures possible. She explained the process all the way down to how and when the doctors will receive my pictures. Honestly, it was the best x-ray I have ever had!!!

Amazing intuitive work

February 4, 2015

by: Simona Lynne

Coughing then maybe, Baby.

Looking back on that day it was mid-afternoon in Sunny October and i was feeling lousy. I went for a walk earlier after my 2 WEEKS overdue baby girl decided to stay put! There we were at the apartment my husband and I as we brainstormed ever exercise imaginable for me.

I had very mild contractions for most of the experience. Through my anxiety and unwavering mood swings, i later learned i just needed to let a lil’ more love in. Lol– So, about 6 pm i feel some aches and the timing wasn’t consistent. We went through it for the whole night. Watching the clock praying that early labor would progress. I called the Midwife Sandra Lynne. “It is about 5-6 minutes apart!” She brushed it off with the typical “Everythings fine, call back later.” To my demise she was right! And this would be the beginning of 72 hours of a LONGGGg drawn out Labor. But it wasnt hard core.

I got up the next morning after 2 hours of sleep and began to pack. They were becoming more intense. The squats from the other night were beginning to pan out. So, we got there and after 12 more hours i elected Epidural seeing that my dialation wouldnt progress fast enough for the pitocin that was administered. There shortly after, i was so exhausted and was allowed (managed) to sleep. I woke up and everything began to sync. Then, this lady pops in from the midwife team and she was pregnant as well, she was on her 9th child. Well that was certainly the type of encouragement women need. Wheww! She and Nora delivered me and boy was I ready. I must say the numbing sensetation was just enough as i got another dose right before they exclaimed, “PUSH!” From there was an act of what i call absolute ‘GENIOUS’ when Nora had memtioned to me that i should cough… my legs were going numb people were beginning to crowd to room. “Cough!” She said, amd it was miraculous. After about 15 coughs my baby entered the world. What a sigh of relief and Amazing intuitive work. My baby girl is here and it took less than 20 minutes.

Dr. dunne and his staff have always been there for me and my family.

February 4, 2015

by: kelvin thomas

after being newly diagnosed with ms I need a treatment plan I was referred to DR Thomas C DUNNE health care Midwest as soon as i walked in there was a connection I was put at ease after doing some test I was put on a treatment plan dr dunne and his staff have always been there for me and my family no matter what the problem is he just a phone call away I can call angel and with in 24 hrs my call is returned two thumbs up thanks so much for being there kelvin and roseline thomas