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Nothing short of AMAZING

June 30, 2015

by: Terry Kamphorst

I have to endure once a week paracentesis through your ultrasound department. Your two PAs Jeff and Tara are nothing short of AMAZING!! Their care, positive attitudes & smiles truly make a rough time easier. I have had this procedure @ two other facilities, Borgess & Beaumont-your staff is far above the others in providing excellent care. These two PAs deserve all the best

Everyday living is much more pleasant

June 29, 2015

by: Cheryl Ernsberger

For years & years I went to my own family Dr. I was told it was cellulite. I assumed he was right because I quit smoking 7 years ago & have gained weight. I was waking up at nite, couldn’t work, even sitting. I met Dr. Vaddineni on the 29th of April & by May 1st he performed surgery on my femeral artery which was blocked in my groin. No wonder why I had pain. The very next day I woke & had no leg pain. I cried I could feel my toes & the only pain I really had was on my groin where the staples were. I work now walk & getting ready to ride a bike again. On a positive note If you have pain & your Dr. does nothing find another one I really think mine could have been taken care of sooner. Now I can live another 50 years. Than you Dr. Vaddineni I feel young again& my everyday living is much more pleasant & happier & I have a pulse.
<3 <3 a happy patient

Grateful for the outstanding level of care we received

June 28, 2015

by: Genanne Zeller

We came to Bronson by choice and under immediate care for my husband who had a totally out of the blue heart attack at age 39. My husband was transported via ambulance, and I followed in my car. I was met with a case worker and clergy person (Mike D) who took me directly to where my husband was being cared for. Mike sat by my side, offering support until I could talk with the main surgeon (Dr. Keller) in charge. Mike was quietly supportive and met all of my anxious needs in a loving, accepting way. Dr. Keller made a point to connect with me to tell me what had happened and was kind enough to not only explain what had happened and how what measures he took to fix the problem, but then showed me where to meet my husband out of surgery. Once we got settled we were lucky to get Kris and Ashley as our nurses (and then later Kate, and so many other helpers who I feel bad I can’t remember the names – it was a bit of a whirlwind). Kris was so re-assuring and loving and kind, and we saw her facilitate Ashley’s learning. We felt so cared for. We were struck by the team work between all of the nurses and how the more experienced nurses mentored the new nurses and honestly felt honored to be a part of that process. I am so grateful for the outstanding level of care we received, but even more grateful for the spirit of giving true care from nurses to patients and from nurses helping to train their own. Thank you so much for making a very traumatic experience one that could be educational and also so much full of heart and caring. I hope Bronson can do do something to recognize Kris, in particular, for her amazing care, especially since it is reflected in the awesome care that Ashley was able to provide to us under her watch. Thank you so much, care team. You saved my husband’s life, and made my experience as easy as it could be.

I have never been more impressed

June 24, 2015

by: Kimberly Kamrow

On Thursday June 18th, I was in Culver Indiana dropping my children off at camp. Earlier that day I spoke with my mom and she sounded short of breath and confused. I called a friend of mine that lives in Battle Creek and asked her to stop by my mom’s house to check on her. When Gina got there, the house was locked and no one was responding to the doorbell or phone calls. Instructed Gina to get into the house one way or another. When she finally gained entry, she found my mom in bed. She was grey in color, short of breath, clammy, and sweating. 911 was called and mom was spirited away to the hospital.

When she got the ER, the initial diagnosis was dehydration due to flu. Her potassium, sodium, and electrolytes were dangerously low. She was admitted overnight to regulate her fluids and monitor her vitals. It was at this time that we first met Dr. Marcos Madeiro. I have never been more impressed with a hospital doctor. He was thoughtful, thorough, and concerned. He was honest, level-headed, and compassionate. I believe that Dr. Madeiro’s tenacity is the sole reason that my mom is still alive. He took the time to explain to me what he was doing, what results he was finding, and what the course of treatment would be to get her back on track. He never rushed me or made me feel like I was a waste of his time or energies.

He ran a battery of tests including x-rays, CT scans, blood cultures, and others. He found that she had double pneumonia, and sepsis. He continued to dig deeper to find to root cause of her illness, and finally uncovered the true culprit. My mother some how managed to contract Legionnaires disease. She is still in the hospital, day six now… and has several days left to go. Even when she gets home, she will have a long and challenging recovery process.

Words cannot express my gratitude to Dr. Marcos Madeiro, and his care of my mother. He is an angel in a white coat and scrubs. Thank you for saving her life, you took the time to truly understand, and I will forever be grateful to you.
Bênçãos para voce seus familiares!

Caring and professional

June 24, 2015

by: Christine Wine

I have been recently hospitalized in 5/12/15 Kalamazoo for back surgery. Dr. Eliwitz is my surgeon. My care was the at most caring and professional time. I was released with your home care facilities which have been of great benefit in helping to return to my full health. I was than readmitted in Battle Creek thru ER 6/12/15. ER definitely needs assistance in the time you are retained prior to diagnosis. However, my doctor & nursing staff were extremely caring.

Excellent care

June 24, 2015

by: Anonymous

I will turn 91 in just a couple weeks and because of the excellent care I get from the Bronson staff can continue to live in my own hoe. Comfort & safety is always an issue with older persons but I have a perfect set up. Dorene, Jeanie, Rachel & Kayla are with me on a steady basis & numerous days per week, I love the consistency the girls are awesome!!!

Thank you.

Whole experience was positive

June 24, 2015

by: Robert Rosignol

I was at Bronson for a full hip replacement and the doctors and nurses re very nice. All the staff is respectful and the whole experience was positive. I have 2 more surgeries scheduled for this year and I know all will go well with the great service at Bronson.

Anticipated my questions and was prepared

June 24, 2015

by: Edward Pawlak

I had a post-hospitalization appointment with Michael Martin Bush PA-C to follow-up on the diagnosis of acute appendicitis and next steps if any. I received thorough clear explanations of possible causes with a sketch, a recommended next diagnostic assessment, and depending on the findings, the possibility of surgery or other treatment would need to be explored. He was congenial and engaging as he answered my many questions. He obviously anticipated my questions and was prepared.

Immediately comforted and made to feel safe

June 19, 2015

by: Lisa Coney

I was admitted to Bronson Battle Creek from the ER on Saturday morning (6/13/15) after being in the ER all night with the diagnosis of Bilateral Pulmonary Embolism (blood clots in my lungs). I was so afraid to say the least and just exhausted from no sleep. I was admitted to the third floor (C3) and was immediately comforted and made to feel safe. Hearing that you have a condition that can be fatal certainly makes your mind play funny tricks on you. I was so nervous and my anxiety was not easy to cope with. My nurses understood, took time to listen and were genuinely caring and kind. The doctor on staff was Dr. VeeJay (short for his name but I do not know his complete last name)and he was WONDERFUL!!! He took time to talk to me, explain everything they were going to do and why and also said he would be back that day with my results….and he was there like he said he would be. That meant so much to me. We had to be moved to the hallway for a tornado warning on that Saturday Night but Dr. VeeJay still took time to come and fill me in on their plan for me. Dr Hegde came in on Sunday and he was also great!
I just wanted to take some time to thank those who took care of me while in the hospital. I have never seen a more dedicated, professional and caring staff as I encountered on C3. They never made me feel as if I were a burden even though I know my anxiety was not easy to deal with. They were kind and understanding and even shared laughs and life stories with me. You do not know how much that means to someone who feels so out of place while being in the hospital as a patient. I cannot thank you enough for your gentle and wonderful care you all provided me. I am going to list the names of those who helped me…..I hope I do not forget anyone and if I do I apologize.
Dr. VeeJay
Dr. Hegde
Leeann RN
Melissa (PCA- Nurse in training)- Girly you rock!!! :)
The beautiful young lady who did my Heart Ultrasound (I forgot your name but remember you are from Jackson)
The Lab Tech who drew my blood several times that day I was admitted and shared information about how she has two daughters and wants to adopt (I am sorry I forgot your name)
Matt RN (I think is his name)
Casey RN- training with Matt
Laura (jack of all trades but cannot remember your actual job title)
Kathy RN (so sweet and precious)
The RN who had me on Sunday Night shift- I forgot her name but she spent so much time talking to me and encouraging me. I know she lives in Kalamazoo and has two daughters ages 10 and 8. We talked a lot and she was so so kind.

I am sure I have forgotten some but please know the entire department/ floor works as a team and I saw so much compassion and caring. Not everyone is cut out for Healthcare but this group is by far the best I have ever seen as a whole. I appreciate you all so much!!
God bless you all,
Lisa Coney

Rating this hospital five stars

June 18, 2015

by: Rebekah Peycke

My experience at Bronson Birthplace, and Mother/Baby was awesome! Rating this hospital five stars! They took great care of us and they tried their best to stick to our birthplan and to make sure everything was how we wanted. I never felt nagged or pressured into anything!
The nurses and doctors were very personable and you would think we’ve known them forever.
We were very well taken care of and well informed about childcare and safety without feeling like we were being talked down to. We were treated with great respect. Every single person who came into our room had a great possitive attitude. Definitely will be returning here for delivery of baby #2!
Also we received a handwritten card in the mail from a few of the nurses, congratulating us on our new arrival! And from the note, you can tell they knew which patients we were!