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He talks about his family and makes you feel like you are his family.

June 1, 2014

by: Joan B

Jim Krause RN was my nurse 3 times over the past 4 years and each time he has been so good to me! Such a caring nurse. He was on the orthopedic floor when I had my legs done and now was in the recovery room when I had my shoulder done. He helped me so much when they had problems taking out my nerve block. Plus he treats elderly people like they are human beings. He talks about his family and makes you feel like you are his family. I really appreciate that.

Thank you everyone

May 26, 2014

by: Amanda

I was a patient at Bronson in Kalamazoo and Bronson in paw paw in the last week the one in Kalamazoo i stayed from Mon to thu in the adult medical unit I had really good nurses I was in Bronson in paw paw last night and had to stay over night I would love to say thank you too all the nurse and pca from both bronsons and even the surgery staff and the recover staff too … thank you to Dr Hamilton to for making me better …. thank you everyone ……

Dr. Christ and his team are truly amazing and all are to be commended.

May 17, 2014

by: Donald Osterhout

About two years I visited my primary doctor because my right hip was bothering me some and after a short examination he sent me down the hall for an e-ray and what the picture revealed was not good news; my right hip joint was bone on bone and would soon have to be replaced. By a stroke of good luck I heard about a new hip replacement technique called an anterior replacement from a guy at my gym who had had both hips replaced and he told me that the anterior replacement was much, much, much easier and recovery was much quicker! But, he said there was no body in Kalamazoo that could do that type or replacement and that I would have to go to Holland, Michigan to get it done. And he seemed to be right but I called around and got very luck, a Lynn C. at the desk in a Dr. David Christ’s office in Bronson in Kalamazoo, MI and she told me that Dr. Christ had done hundreds of the anterior style replacements and that she would get me an appointment to see him and she did. A few weeks later my wife met with Dr. Christ and he spent a lot of time with us covering all aspects of the operation and answering all of our questions and at that point we scheduled my surgery. My replacement was performed on 3-11-14 and it went very, very well land was very successful. I went home on the morning of the third day and all phases of my recovery went amazingly well. I had very little pain and what pain there was vanished in couple of days. I was getting around with my walker without any problems from the time I got back and but the third week I was walking on my own. When in for my three week check up and the Dr. Christ said I was doing very well and that I could start driving again and could go back to the gym and do lite workouts that didn’t involve my hip. I have to say emphatically and Dr. Christ, his team and everyone at Bronson did a great job and treated me very, very well. Again, Dr. Christ and his team are truly amazing and all are to be commended. As I sit here writing this my operation is 2 months in the past and I almost never think of my operation and for the most part I have returned to a normal life. WOW, and in two months. There’s only one thing that I would wish changed and that would be getting Dr. Christ, this team and Bronson promoted a bit better and letting people in the area know that Bronson is a place where they can get an anterior hip replacement without having to go to another city to do so.

Gain back your self esteem

May 9, 2014

by: Sandra Cooper

Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Now let me tell you a story about Pulmonary Rehab. If you have a lung disease and have been Hospitalized frequently because of it,then its time for Pulmonary Rehab.This program will teach you things you probably didn’t even know existed.You will learn about all your medication, you will learn about ways to handled depression and anxiety….Those are just a couple of things you learn..You gain back your self esteem, you find other people that have the same disease as you do so you don’t feel like your all alone in this big old world. Pulmonary Rehab at Bronson of Battle Creek is the place to be for it…When I first started back in February I felt like most of the new ones that are going through it now,that is what exactly is this program going to do for me. Everyone has probably asked there self that more than once.So let me tell you what it has done for me…I have went from 6 min at 0.06 on the tread mill to 23min & 0.08 as the speed with a lot of encouragement from Brenda and Deb the therapist….I went from 6 min at level 1 to 30 min at level 4 on the stepper, I have went from lifting 2 lbs free weight to 6 lbs free weight..This is just a little of what I have accomplished in the program. What I gained was a whole lot more..I feel so much better about myself and what I have learned about my disease….. I have been able to do a little more at home, and when I’m out and about.The best thing I can tell everyone is keep pushing forward AND DO NOT GIVE UP…At the end you will feel amazing….Good Luck To All…..
Sandra Cooper

Compassion they expressed was like nothing I’d ever seen before

May 9, 2014

by: Lise Schallhorn

My experience with the staff that took care of my daughter was such a delightful experience. The compassion they expressed was like nothing I’d ever seen before. They provided support for her, took time to comfort her and reassure her in so many ways. This type of care is not taught in books, it comes from the heart. It is genuine and should not go unnoticed. This was evident when one of the nurses even came to check on my daughter in recovery. I wish I could thank them in a better way but sharing my experience lets others know that when they visit Outpatient Surgery, they are in good hands. From Doctors, Nurses to Anesthesiology. Thank you all for making a very difficult day a lot more comfortable.

Every single person that I encountered was over the top nice

May 9, 2014

by: Marian Hawkins

I recently had a complete knee replacement. During my three day hospitalization, without exception, every single person that I encountered was over the top nice!! Receptionist, nurses, anestesiologist, surgeon, patient care assistants, PT, OT, housekeeping, kitchen staff (even called to remind me to order something to eat), all were professional, caring, informative, and again, just plain nice! Thank you Bronson for making this a fantastic experience!!

Wonderful Emergency Department and Peds department

May 9, 2014

by: alice Munoz

I want to say what a wonderful Emergency Department and Peds department Bronson Methodist has. We were in for my son who had a infection and didnt know why. The Drs and nurses were on top of everything fast and did not pass us off. My son was admitted with in 15 minutes after we arrived there. We then were taken up to the Children s hospital and the care there was great. My son had a reaction to the meds and the nurse was paying attention to him and acted quickly to make sure he was ok. The whole staff right down to housekeeping were nice and friendly. I am glad we choose to take him to Bronson Hospital in Kalamazoo that day. We want to thank everyone there for the wonderful care.

Great service to offer the community

May 9, 2014


My husband and I used the new Bronson Fast track Care at Meijers on Westnedge for the first time, what a professional, efficiently run office. Very easy to access and use, what a great service to offer the community! We are looking forward to having more sites added in the Meijer stores in other parts of our commuinty! Thanks Bronson!

The nurse that she had was very nice.

May 8, 2014

by: Kelly Ballinger

My mother was dying from drinking too much. And the nurse that she had was very nice, she called me giving me the chance to watch her activity die I am so glad of that. So nice and kind.

The best at what they do

April 29, 2014

by: Misty Buckmaster

December of 2013 i was hospitalized for COPD chronical obstruction pulmonary disorder. My husband took me into the emergency room because i couldn’t breathe and hadn’t eaten in a couple of days. I had been taking care of him while he had been sick and i got the worst end of it but if it wasn’t for that i wouldn’t have met the nicest people i did. But due to me being put on oxygen and referred to pulmonary rehab it was the best thing ever.Because i had the two best therapists i could have thank you brenda and deb for showing and helping me manage my copd. I would recommend pulmonary rehab to anyone that has copd or any breathing problems.Because they are the best at what they do and can get the right people in to talk to you and help you understand your condition more and help you understand your meds more also. I am very thankful to brenda and deb for being there for me and like i said i would recommend them to anyone.
Misty Buckmaster